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I was like holy crap. It's Eddie, George, and he wasn't bad at all. I thought it was all right? Let's see here. He was he was oh, you know, what? No, no. He's going to be on the soda magnum PI NCIS someone NCIS, and I do not watch NCIS. So it was really random that. It's. He was on like a couple of episodes. In fact, that's probably why stopped because I literally never watched that show entire episode of that show, and I was flipping through. And and it was like cattle so familiar who is he enters. I was at Georgia. Let's you also in this episode because they've got the magnum PI credit up on Georgia's thing ready. All right. So Eddie, George a rhyme. Ryan Blaney is listed. Georgia's can Ken Jong can John g John j-o-h-n? They miss half. The Ken John. Not not ill not can Jong Il or on. But you know, Angove movies hangover guy knows how to kill a sitcom. My gosh is you know, how to kill it. Terrible sitcom. Yeah. So far. It says here that Ryan Blaney is credits. He was a voice cars three. Did you see three? I didn't know. I did not he was in. He was a delivery man in Logan lucky. Oh that NASCAR movie. Oh, is that the movie where they stole the crap from Charlotte? Okay. All right. So he was a deliveryman in Logan lucky. He was apparently special agent would in the TV series taken last year. Special agent would hurry up. Hurry up. I'm losing would exactly hurry line in the show. And then he was in the Spiderman TV series. He was just the voice. So is apparently cartoon of some sort. Someone called overdrive. All right. So there you go. Wow. Check that out like even has like when you go to page, like even have like, you know, everybody has their like their highlights up with the like, the movie posters from their highlights or whatever. And I mean, it looks legit looking lucky cars magnum PI taken. But the guy without a special set of skills or unique set of skills. Life after NASCAR. I guess. So maybe preparing for maybe once beat.

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