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And here's our top story. Democrats now reacting to President Trump's announced deal to reopen the federal government. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer calls the deal. Great news for eight hundred thousand federal workers, and millions of Americans who depend on government services deal will fund the government for three weeks, and it does not include any funding for Trump's border wall. However, the president says the three week window gives lawmakers time to come up with the border security plan. Governor Ducey calling for swifter changes at hacienda healthcare where a nurse allegedly raped and impregnated a severely disabled patient who gave birth. The governor says he's disgusted with what's happened at the Phoenix facility. I think it's time for their entire senior leadership team to be replaced. And I think their board of directors should be terminated this. After a new reports that female, hacienda employees, accused former CEO Bill Simmons of bad treatment and sexual harassment for years. I left. He was in in my personal contacts. If I do know, I mean, I've met him at an event the governor accuses hacienda leadership of years of cover ups the facility says it's been cooperating with law enforcement, Peter say, more KTAR news. Former CEO Tim did contribute to do. These two thousand fourteen campaign fund more than fifty weapons now missing from the miracle. The county sheriff's office. Sheriff Paul Penzone announced today, a new audit revealed, even more, shotguns, and a rifle that are unaccounted for all acquired during his predecessor Joe are Pyo. Penzone now has also temporarily suspended the posse program if you're planning to travel to downtown.

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