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Time for this week's edition of hot boys. Ryan and Adam tell you who does swoop up off the waiver wire this week. Oh that never gets old. It's time for this week's addition of hot boys are video guy. Jim Cutler, one of the best in the business. Somebody look at that script. He's like they can't be serious with this crap. Right. He didn't have the this week's down to the south planet or Nathan either. When he record. Swoop off the waiver wire somebody cranked up some old like masterpiece or something. I'm pretty sure Jim Cutler's doing a lot of things dumping out the master p probably not wanting peddlers jimmer Jay I'll take Jim O in a frigging walk up. I see Jay Cutler in the streets. It's go time. Baby. Jay Cutler higher career quarterback rating than your future hall of Famer Eli manning. Yeah. You and I got into a little bit of a debate. You just don't think that that allows a hall of Famer Jay Cutler, though, fewer touchdown or fewer yards and Super Bowl wins than my hall of Famer. That's true. All right. Gimme your hot. Boy, numero Uno. Number one. I you and I were just deciding which guys we're going to be hot Boyz. I cannot believe this guy is still out there. I know there's a lot of deep leagues, I know guys are looking for wide receiver death. How a guy who's on the New Orleans Saints offense and starting and not owned in fifty two percent of leagues makes me beside myself. He's up twenty three percent. We're talking trade Kwan Smith who had a huge game. This week could have been a baller even the ballers and BUSTER segment before you. Grow before you walked a Gerald. Random ball is. But it's your ballers, and then we're gonna roll with him. Here. We go Drake quad Smith owned in forty eight percent of Yahoo leaks. Thirteen targets this past week. Ten catches town ten hundred and fifty seven yards and a touchdown due to drew Brees. Throwing the ball. I want you on my team here. Here are my baller number one. I'll go with the third string practice squad. Quarter running back for the Baltimore Ravens? Young Gus Edwards. Seventeen carries one hundred and fifteen yards Anna Jessie tuggle last week. He look he only had fourteen carries coming into the game. But boy balk Allen, Alex Collins. These guys are doing anything right now. Go ahead and keep giving the rock to Gus Edwards. At least as a speculative add this week. I liked that too. And a good matchup against the raiders to who. Don't stop. Nobody there. Okay. So I got another one here. We were just talking about the Dallas Cowboys. They're coming on strong. I think the addition of trash asked. Mario Cooper has helped the rest of the receiving core guys like. Beasley getting a few more looks. He was supposed to be like just a slot guy. Coming into the year. I did too. But I didn't like him as the focal point of the receiving game. Which is kind of what he became. There wasn't a whole lot of other guys there. You've had a Michael gala, Michael Gallup. That's the guy. I'm thinking of Michael Gallup was supposed to step up and be big just kinda touchdown for the first time a couple of weeks ago, so cold Beasley is my guy over the last three weeks. He's got sixteen targets twelve catches one hundred and four yards. I'd expect him to keep getting a little more volume as Dak Prescott confidence continues to grow only owned in twenty seven percent of leagues now recording this on Wednesday. So come this week, and he will have already played his Thursday game. I do think beyond this week though, Dak Prescott in the Cowboys poised to make a run Kobe's Lee would be instrumental. All right. And then my last hot boy for the week DJ more of the Carolina Panthers. We've been waiting for this rookie to bust out how to decent game three weeks ago. So I grabbed in the Kamiar league. I mentioned I cut bait before this weekend much to my chagrin seven for one fifty seven and a little toggle. So yeah, man, he's on his way. DJ more is a stud and good. To grab maybe as a W R three slash flex play down the stretch like to play your Cam Newton can salinity. All right. There you go. Adam copeland. Ryan Kobe have a happy thanksgiving. If you're listening to this. Now hope you had a happy thanksgiving don't drink and drive. Take care of those people up in the north man that need our money Red Cross north valley community fund all that stuff, man. Help out at Ryan Kobe. I retweeted Aaron Rodgers tweet with the link where you can help out donates with scratch or just donate to the Red Cross. Because you know, it's going to get to the people that need it. The most Adam Copeland, I'm thankful for you. I'm thankful for you too. Man. It's been a it's been a fun year. And and you're right everybody who needs help up north and this time of the year. It's time to help them out. So so check this out on your Twitter Aaron Rodgers Twitter. And and do what you can. All right, baby. Fantasy football focus. We'll talk to you this week..

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