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Lower one welcome to slash from daily for august 45th two thousand seventeen on today's show go to the water cooler each t will be talking about watching a korean reality television show ben pearson will be talking about visiting the broad museum in the news will be talking about a 'nother joker movie that's apparently in development matt reeves clarifies his comments on the batman being part of the dc eu uh the ob one movies working title has been revealed what will what does that tell us but the movie a starsky and hutch reboot from james gunn a live action teen titans casting and uh some comments from james cameron on wonderwoman that you won't want to miss it in the mail bag i will be talking about um justice sleek enda if it will destroy everything that wonderwoman has accomplished that's the question does not my words that's the the the the the listener uh with with the on today show our ben pearson it was gone in quite trend bui everyone okay so i i've already talked about what i have been up to this week with the match castle stephanie agreed i actually wrote up it in depth on the site you can read it a on slash on dot com if you want more that than what i said earlier this week um but each itchy what have you been up to so i recently discovery got steven young was furious found threaten god and jr was recently on the korean reality theories that i've watched a couple episodes of but it's called return of superman and it's possibly the purest reality show you could ever asked for because it follows these celebrity dads for 48 48 hours in their life as they try to take care of their kids without mom so the mongols go away like.

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