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Good Richard, so. I'm fine. Are you going over the Golden Gate Bridge right now? Where are you going? You want to treasure island? I am not, I am running some errands, dropping some stuff off, getting some drinks for the granddaughter. And granddaughter. Your grandfather, Tom? I'm a grandfather. She's two years old. Dude. That is the. That is the greatest. My mom and dad always used to tell me the best thing about being a grandparent is to give the child back at the end of the day. You take them. Right. Well, I wouldn't know that because actually, well, I didn't know for a while but to our granddaughter actually lives with us now with our son. So there she wakes up. She takes her naps, she gets up. She goes to bed and she's there and Laurie and I and my wife looked at each other one day and we said, now we know why people are raised on our kids. We know. They're exhausting. I didn't realize that when I was younger, I thought I was great. This is no big deal. I get a little older. It's like, yeah, wait, I'm beat. I didn't even do anything today, and I'm pleased. I bet so, well, terrific. Congratulations on that and everything going on in certainly in the world. We're so lucky when you're over you're on a beat or you're ever covering a team or you're associated with a team through a broadcast that they're so terrific and so, so great. Walk me through this warrior's season and when you know that the team felt it could be special, Tom. Well, I thought early on they would be one of a handful of teams that could be for a championship. I always felt like it was them Phoenix Boston, but this was really early on. Then I said, not Boston, then I got back to Boston, but anyway, Milwaukee, New Jersey, if they were healthy, then they're like 5 teams at a chance to win a championship. And now we thought they were one of them. Just because I've seen this team play for years and years now. And I know the composition the makeup of this team. So I always felt like they had a chance, there were times during the season with a defense wasn't great, the offense wasn't great. I thought, well, you know what they need to kind of kick in care a little bit, but I never thought this was going to be a favorite to win the championship bridge. I just thought they were going to be one of a few teams that have a chance to win a championship. And there they are. They're really good defensively, really good offensively. And they're probably where they felt like they belonged all along. So what inside can you give us Tom talbert on Klay Thompson? Because the general sense is he's clay and now that he's back, of course he's just going to keep splashing in threes and game 5 clay showed up and it looks like they're going to get the Klay Thompson we've all known come to know and love for the NBA Finals. But what insight do you have on his comeback, his rehab, everything that happened in the setback, another injury, and so on and so forth, Tom. Well, I tell you what, if you know him, you would be happier for a person to return to playing basketball at a high level. I mean, this guy loves basketball. I mean, he just loves it. And he's so funny. He has videos. I think it's Instagram or whatever. He's out on the bay on his Vogue. That is captain Ed out on just kind of tooling around the bay. And just seeing he'll take shots at himself tripping around the Bay Area. He loves the bay, loves his dog, loves hanging out, but he really loves basketball and loves competing. I can't imagine what it was like to get injured the first time. And then almost come back and get injured again with the Achilles. And then I sit out another year to mentally you really love doing, so I'm so happy for that guy to be able to come back and play. Isn't that quite the same player? Like he still has some really good knife and I'm sure he'll have at least one or two during the finals, but the shot isn't quite as consistent as it once was, defensively. He's not quite what he was, but you know, to get a little bit older and coming back from two catastrophic injuries, but yeah, like I said, if anybody knew him, they'd just be thrilled. This guy is able to get back and compete because you just can't help but love that guy. And so what about this team continues to click? Is it curries consistency? Is it draymond green's? Presence. Why does it occur as coaching? What is it, Tom? For this team. I think it's just a combination of everything. I think their defense like when they play really good basketball, I think they're deep ends is the backbone of the team. Like they're really good defensively. You don't really think of them as a defensive team because and play Jordan Poole now. You think of it as an offensive team, but they can be a really good offensive team, but when they're good, they're consistently good, defensively. And draymond green, it was funny I asked Steve Kerr last week. I said, you've been a good defensive team Napoli 7 years. That's been a common thread of the current era. Bald movement player movement defense. And I said, even a good defense team really good defense fee for 7 years was the threat. Ada said, draymond green. And that's really what it is. I mean, draymond's one of the more unique defenders ever in the NBA..

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