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In September and finally category five Hurricane Michael Destroying homes and lives along the Florida panhandle in October with all of these storms meteorologist emergency managers had to constantly work together to refine their communication everyone in storms paths safe. Today I have two of those people at the top of their game Dr Rick Nab the previous National Hurricane Center Director and Current Weather Channel hurricane expert and Rebecca Molten Natural Hazards Planning in Disaster Response Spots meteorologist for Fema today we'll be looking back at how we did in two thousand eighteen and what we can improve upon as we start the Twenty Nineteen Atlantic Hurricane Season Dr Nab and Rebecca. Thank you for joining US Thadani. These are two of my favorite colleagues in the business and two of the best in the business too so I'm always glad to talk to people I wanted to start right with twenty nineteen because as we're taping this we're few days from the national hurricane season season. I want to go to Dr Nap I after what are your initial thoughts on the hurricane season forecast and then I wanna come the Rebecca for your initial response on how we did last year's we think about the upcoming season's I what are your initial take on the on the seasonal forecast forecast. Let's ignore it seriously there we because last year it didn't do anybody any favors and this year. I think there's so much uncertainty in it. There's nearly equal chances if you listen to the seasonal forecasters of having above or below or near average bridge season and as we saw last year when it wasn't forecast to be above average so you're how bad realize you're really in this camp that suggests that okay there may be some usefulness out there for the seasonal forecasts but I mean as we often say it only he takes one storm so with where we are the twenty nine thousand nine season. There's no sort of signal is clear signal largely because of the uncertainty and what El Nino is going to do for preparedness in for readiness you need to ignore the seasonal forecast forecast because in any year just like last year you can have a really bad season where you live and in our country overall when the season is forecast to be average or blow average and the seasonal forecast last year had some serious inaccuracies overseas but.

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