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Oh yeah you mean on the the opening credits sequence the opening credits has the music similar but there's a little bit different rift to it from what i remember i might be making that part up but the left definitely changed made it more likely yeah for sure and oh my god like i don't i think it was just the very last season which was definitely the worst season but they put words to that song to which that awful man got to see a young george clooney we did as her boss and i mean it did a really good job of of setting up the characters i thought which is what you kinda have to do in a pilot i guess yeah i think i don't think like some pilots are bad that they that they the way they introduced the characters it's ham handed and kind of forced didn't feel that way at all with this it was like it was it was very you got the meet these characters and learn about them without being like too much exposition like just there but yeah and he also didn't need i mean this wasn't a time maybe or just roseanne was in a show where like characters had to be super quirky and stuff i mean they're just people why think the one is a little bit quirky the frame that crystal she's corky in the way giovanni released quirky to me like she's supposed to be playing it like mentally challenged i always felt that way about her like in her role she's just weird but maybe just you know maybe just supposed to be on the spectrum somewhere or something i don't know i could never get a handle on her character i haven't this quirky.

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