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On the los angeles dodgers tuesday night that'll be out the la dodgers stadia had a really good job the gums if you too fouled off the plane i don't think competitive place here that would factor in but remember this is a center field that his difference betis been out there for the life of this parker today towels hill out there from the inception of the part that it went out so four hundred twenty feeders soul flagpole in play a dead center field at the gold up a hill now that half the grass battery saw here's the teaches swinging to ask out of the way blades but colors at nasty at eddie a stool way callers rising to the occasion hair gitmo health defensively by as aj hands kind of assessed seems to be driving off the energy admitted eight hark right now there is a great built for buster oldie first six sittings of this game that i would say it's to january here into the sabbath but for buscaroli the first six innings of this game forty eight percent of the pitches that the yankees of tonight purple so the gift morton features and with colors blue color scurves different charlie sell ever not quite as big as the pitch behaved call for a strike ballot ninety five aj hitch talked about using lance but colors as a weapon but that 95 island our heater care that kneebuckling breaking ball but a weapon so far is you'll want to that stalemate in trump's died hits doors for the astros they leapt seven at the yankees old three and old they left poll the rayah al too vague glory yellow the right side of the southfield straight off the wall that's it for a strike go ahead lower outside quarter for a strive fouled account as well if she david strang if that beijing he's headed in it's going to be really weak khattak past his point of and with that great.

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