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Time of play on a weekly basis worldwide seven billion hours okay so to my colleagues i would say rather than fight it fight this amazing phenomena joint in the sense the your expertise but this is serious your expertise in our expertise could help all the people in the audience and all the people that the will will interact with understand how to deal with it better rather than banning or i mean it's not going to go away it's just going to grow stronger so ladies and gentlemen i want you to vote yes for the motion i want you to say with us the video games will make a smarter but also that we need to be smarter about videogames thank you thank you actually hear making his closing statement against the motion elias abu shout a professor of psychiatry at stanford medical school best selling the games of 2016 had titles like grand theft ido final fantasy an infinite warfare it's hard to imagine how playing these games hours upon hours has raised our average iq on the other hand these games i think like the internet at large can nurture some rather negative personnel ataman elements aggression narcissism impulsively being some examples and for evidence on how online narcissism an impulsively can lead to offline narcissism and a possibility you can find examples from both sides of the aisle from the last election it's not possible to turn the clock back on technology this is not something that is feasible nor advisable yet some of us are trying to achieve some kind of balance between our online and offline lives but in trying to achieve that balance through faced by two formidable obstacles the first obstacle we can do nothing about and has to do with how our brains are wired and they're not wired mrs certainly in a way that makes us able to resist these technologies and to take them in small doses only but the other obstacle is huge industry interests than huge marketing campaigns are trying to convince as these technologies are actually making a smarter they're good for us we should embrace them even more i'd like to end by bring up a case of a patient i saw a couple of weeks ago or call him jeff a twenty one year old.

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