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A pedestrian Facebook barring the president from posting on its system until at least the inauguration of President elect Joe Biden in a post this morning, Facebook founder Mark Zucker Burg says the risk of allowing the president to use the platform is too great. Following what he called his incitement of a mob that later touched off a deadly riot in the capital sucker. Berg says the Residents account is going to be locked for at least the next two weeks but could stay locked in definitely Twitter and Instagram also temporarily locked down his account after he repeatedly posted accusations about the integrity of the election. Meantime, Joe Biden's win is now official announcement of the state of the vote. The president of the Senate. Shall be deemed a sufficient declaration of the person's elected president and vice president of the United States each for the term beginning on the 20th day of January. 2021 vice president Pence announcing the results after Congress finish ratifying Biden's win early this morning after a day of violence at the Capitol in a tweet this morning, President Trump pledged in orderly transition and eventful day for the presidency as the nation's capital was rocked by those protesters We hear from Jill NATO on the National mall, president, Trump told a crowd of supporters to march to Capitol Hill and protest the results of the 2020 election. But the size of the crowd overwhelmed Capitol police. Soon people were breaking windows, climbing walls and hanging trump banners. The president sent out of video reacting to the violence, You have to have peace. So go home. One woman was fatally shot inside the Capitol. Three other people died in the crowd suffering from medical emergencies. The chaos interrupted the certification of November's election by Congress, which showed Joe Biden to be the winner. She mentioned the person killed, It Turns out it was a San Diego woman who was killed, according to Social media. Ashley Babbitt, an Air Force veteran, lived in Ocean Beach with her husband, and she traveled to D. C on Tuesday to take part in the rally. She was a vocal supporter of the president on Social media, and she took part in the Trump Boat parade in September grew. She grew up in Lake Side and most recently ran a pool service and supply company. Capitol. Police say she was shot as protesters tried to push through a bear. Arcade, a door at the capital, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and the City Council president Jennifer Campbell, reacting to the violence at the Capitol, issuing a joint statement saying, in part that it was an assault on our democracy, emboldened by the president of the United States They added that the violent actions of these extremists they say, were infuriating and must be condemned by every American who believes in our constitution and the rule of law. They also thanked law enforcement who defended the capital and the people inside. Democrats have swept the Georgia run off elections, giving the party control of both chambers of Congress and the White House later this month. Political analyst Gary Dietrich believes the Democratic control will benefit Californians when it comes to battling covert 19 gonna see Money, almost certainly going to state and local governments and a covert response that we haven't seen to date. There's a lot of ways that this state can use funding to move forward. Even administration of vaccines. It appears the final set of elections for the upcoming term present Democrats with opportunities which could likely save the affordable care act, at least through the mid terms. So Katie Couric is going to temporarily take over hosting duties of jeopardy. She will serve as one of the guest hosts after the final episodes featuring long time host Alex Trebek. Those will finish airing this week. Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings has also been booked to host producers of the long running trivia show say they will feature guest host until a permanent replacement has been chosen. Why one organization that helps victims of domestic violence is.

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