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Interview with peter clarke from the allen institute for artificial intelligence about the work they're doing building question answering systems as well as the data set they've assembled to help other researchers do the same that'll be right after the break hey listeners let's show our support for brilliant dot org for their continued sponsorship of data skeptic brilliant dot org unique ineffective learning platform this isn't just some silly brain trainer game that gives you some mindless puzzles brilliant has courses and their self guided they remember where you left off and they teach with a comfortable pace of short instructional bits followed by quizzes the test your understanding probability logic games of chance complex algebra linear algebra the list goes on and on and they really will appeal today to skeptic listeners check out their machine learning course if you're looking for a place to start thanks to all of you the check out their mobile app after the last time i mentioned it here on the show whether you're on your mobile device for not head over to brilliant dot org slash data skeptic and see what they have to offer all right everybody by now you should be dying to read turing original paper but kyle you say i hate reading i love audio that's why listen to podcasts no sweat got you covered starting next wednesday we're going to be releasing a ten part series where i narrate the entirety of touring original paper that's going to be on the data skeptic bonus feed not the main feature listening to now if you're not on the bonus feed searching your podcasts player of choice or listen at data skeptic dot com as of this release we haven't pushed update out yet but come pretty soon you'll be able to click the top on podcasts and we'll have all the from both feet so you can listen there as well.

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