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As financial advice. Legal advice or really anything other than entertainment. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Oh and if you're listening to us on an affiliate network the ideas and views expressed on this show. You are not necessarily those of the network that you're listening on or of any sponsors or any affiliate products you may hear about on this show. It's time for the show. The TAP tea. Banh show show where you make friends and talk lie and Crypto Andhra Henrik and use latter then to lay with our when we were together. Uh I know that it can so the look around the lie. Okay so that is why we will try and say a Listen to the Tattoo on his show. What's the point of all this technology without a little love in our lives? Our hosts Tatyana Moreau's Dr Stephanie Murphy and Lauren Kassovitz. Let's have come together to bring you proof of love. Good approve of love. CAST DOT COM. Thank you for listening to the Tatyana show. Please follow us on twitter at Queen Tatiana or on facebook and Instagram at Tottenham rose music more episodes can be found at the Tatiana show dot com. And make sure you leave a review on itunes and tell your friends the Tatyana show show has been brought to you by Crypto Media Dot Com a boutique marketing and PR agency for Bitcoin NBA. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio network work at live dot hotline fee Dot Com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow. Hello Ed on facebook. Twitter and Instagram's.

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