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Balcony. Oh collapse then you'll know no that it's me on the other side say that his yesterday standing on my balcony steady ties the toz stocked up properly guy. This is secure off. That's Richard Calls for me in the future getting ready to collapse balcony. I'll make sure you're not on it but I'll just let you know that I'm K- by collapsing you Belkin Greg so we have that category coming up after the break when someone makes a promise to connect from the other side before they taught and then that's that promise seems to come true in bizarre ways. That's coming up a mysterious universe. Stay with us so we're back talking about Sharon Hewitt role it's new book the source and significance of coincidences a hard look at the astonishing evidence huge massive Tome with incredible stories and this the specific category. I wanted to talk about association by sign promised by the deceased so there's a bunch of Kahan warming little ones in here like there's a dad who said I'm going to con- after I die I'm going to communicate with you by using butterflies and the whole family whatever and the debt sorry the son a few days off to the funeral he's going to his car and there's this monarch butterfly sitting on the door handle. Any immediately has the thought of his father because of this thing that he said before he awed and he's like Oh. It's a bit silly so he grabs the door handle. The car with butterflies opens the door but the butterfly doesn't move just stays on the Dole Handle Nia. It's a bit weird. He jumps in the car and then the butterfly comes back and lands on the Windshield D- as if it's looking in at him he's like that's we'd he starts driving away and obviously the butterfly flies away and he drives away to the house he was visiting it gets out of the car and a monarch butterfly probably not the same one but a monarch butterfly comes lands on his shoulder. That's we how often does the butterfly land on the shoulder and what's even weirder as he starts walking go inside the House and the butterfly stays on his shoulder doesn't move and then of course it flies away so I it's it's weird at first but then it hits like how many times does it need to happen before you go. This is no longer coincidence. You've really inspired me. If I die before you. I'm GonNa Flood Your House with moths like the really dusty ones as well. You know I'm going to copy the boss. Think of something original. If you open a closet is like a whole heap of fly anywhere you go. I think that's going to be much more difficult than making your rickety balcony collapsed. Oh good a lot of <hes> but there was a similar request. Where a before dying Mary? She told offend Christina that is kind of jokey thing between them. Slightly I die. I'm GONNA come back and I'm going to bang on your fridge to get your attention and I saw Aka. Whatever just like we joke about it right but nothing happened for five years after Mary's death and she didn't really Christina didn't really think much about it? Then one day out of the blue she had a dream of a dead friend Mary Mary and her husband enjoying a meal at a picnic table now..

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