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Haunted Places


She woke to the sounds of heavy footsteps coming from the floor above she could have sworn there landlady had told her no one lived in the attic. What you never knew when a relative might seek a little extra space away from their in laws in lesser-used part of the building still. She was tired so she grabbed her broom in wrapped twice on the ceiling. The footsteps stopped but she still couldn't rest as soon as she lay down. A cent tickle turnovers powder and roses growing stronger the more she noticed it what it started as an almost pleasant aroma quickly grew accurate and musty. Flowers left in a place with very little air. She sniffles turning her head to the other side of the pillow. The sent only crew stronger something sticky squirm dinner throat. She coughed trying to clear his airways. Liana sat up spitting to her hand. Small red flags dotted her palm. Got Up from bed and made her way to the bathroom as she turned the water on the stench of Stale. Roses faded away. She could breathe clearly again. Liana wash the blood off her hands and shut off the tap but the century turned the minute she entered the bedroom in the darkness she saw the gleam of white teeth will the on a call to Arkadi desperate to wake him. He was up in an instant but the teeth vanished as soon as he was by. Her side are coty kissed her head and told her she was worrying too much. It wasn't good for her condition. Whatever the cause the scent was gone. Liana kissed her husband. Goodbye as he headed off to his night shift then returned to her bed. Moments later. A cry of rage cut through the silence. Liana jumped backwards the herring arms standing on end. The summit had been too close to be their neighbors and her husband was a soft spoken. Man in unseen. Stranger was in the room with her and they weren't happy she didn't want to sleep. She was scared that whoever was in the house would find her but eventually her disease and exhaustion caught up to her she succumbed to a shallow and unpleasant slumber. She did not stay in the apartment long. After she awoke she knew that are coty. Would be working for several more hours enter. Isolation made her nervous. She went out to the shopping just to be around people. Then trudged home fighting the urge to never crossed the threshold again. She dropped her keys twice in the hallway. The House the metal rattling violently in her shaking hands. Liana listened carefully as she took one small step into the apartment. There was nothing but silence. Then she took another then. Another really honest breath started to even out. She was alone. She placed belongings on the table and went into the bathroom. She barely recognize the woman in the mirror. Hollow Cheeks Sunken Eyes stared back the lack of sleep and consumption carving deep unpleasant grooves into her face when she came out she found a woman in a pale silk dress sitting on her bed she was beautiful white powder cling to her face with a hint of Bruges. Her hat was decorated with fresh roses. The woman reached for early on her form flickering candle. But the drafty window. Liana backed up into the bathroom. Her cry of alarm dissolving into a coughing fit. She searched the sink for a weapon finally setting her eyes on the empty basin. She hefted it over her head and threw it watching the object fly rule with the other woman and shadow against the bedpost. The woman promised only on. The death would be painless. It was coming for her anyway. The trying to respond to the coast. But her hacking coughs returned she just as her lungs were being torn out. She coughed until throat was raw. Her heart straining enter chest. Her body screamed for air for an end to her pain. She reached out to study yourself against the wall and slid to the ground. When Liana finally rose to her feet she felt lighter. The other woman gripped her hand firmly the two of them turn to stare at early on corpse the bloody handkerchief covering half her face for the first time in years. Ullianna could breathe fully again. The woman smiled at her. As if to say see. Isn't this better. She totally on but been so long since she'd had a friend. It was so nice it really Hannah to China her.

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