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It's 46 degrees at news radio w F L A Republicans on Capitol Hill are outraged after President Biden signed dozens of executive orders changing the policies of the Trump administration. With the stroke of a pen, the president reversed what he says his predecessor did to weaken Obama care and keep taxpayer dollars from indirectly funding abortions overseas. The first order expands access to the federal health insurance marketplace by reopening a special enrollment period from February 15th to May 15th to give Americans who lost their jobs and employer based insurance during the pandemic. A chance to sign up for coverage. The president also took aim at his predecessors abortion policies by directing the Department of Health and Human Services to consider rescinding regulations under title 10, which cut millions in federal funding for Planned parenthood, and by getting rid of the Mexico City policy, which bans foreign non governmental organizations from receiving US funding if they promote or perform abortions. Kristin Fisher at the White House It was a meeting widely viewed as an effort for the Republican House leader to get back into the good graces of former president Trump after he issued harsh criticism of Trump's role in the capital riot earlier this month. The meeting between California Congressman Kevin McCarthy and the former president was, according to a statement from McCarthy. Commitment towards 2022, helping elect Republicans to the House and Senate. The House GOP leader blamed Democrats for in his words, pushing an agenda that divides, Fox News reported. McCarthy got the invitation to meet with former President Trump as he was in Florida for fundraisers. He hopes working toward a Republican House majority in two years. We'll put him in line. B the next House speaker. GURNAL Scott Fox News. A new and dangerous strain of the Corona virus has made its way to the U. S. South Carolina's governor is telling residents not to panic after two cases of the highly contagious Covitz train, first identified in South Africa were detected in the state. South Carolina, now ranked second in the nation for new co big cases per capita is yet another reminder that the fight against this deadly virus Is far from over two adults with no recent travel history and no connection to each other, tested positive for the variant in different parts of South Carolina Moola Langi reporting. The new study shows that last year was the worst ever for corruption in the health care industry. Transparency International's 2020 corruption index report looks at how government corruption undermines healthcare systems The U. S got its worst score since 2012 with reports, citing alleged conflicts of interest and abuse at the highest level, in addition to weak oversight of the covert 19 relief package. The report also noted the U. S. Is quote retreat from longstanding democratic norms promoting accountable government. The index ranks countries on their perceived public corruption on a scale from zero, which is highly corrupt toe 100, which is very clean. The U. S. Scored a 67 Denmark in New Zealand topped the list with 88 points, Somalia and South Sudan or at the bottom with 12 points. Tanya J. Powers Fox News U. S. Capitol police want to see a special honor for one of their own. The chairman of the Capitol Police union, says Officer Brian Sick, Nick put the lives and members of Congress and their staff. For his own safety. During the January 6th riot, he said sick, Nick did his duty and should be commemorated. Movie that might have been a box office smash is going straight to streaming this weekend. There's no Washington Stars is a cop on the trail of a serial killer for the second time in the little things. The film, which premieres on HBO, Max and in theaters also star Steroid, Leto. It's actually based on a screenplay written in the 19 nineties, You can see that in its similar styling to the Brad Pitt thriller seven guys a shock if he stops he died like to try probably has a decent car. Maybe too high mileage. Washington's Joe Dick.

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