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Of the blaze by meowing loudly in hiding a four kittens of where the captain kittens omitted out safely no residents injured some firefighters did suffer minor injuries no word on the cause as yet police in worcester masking for the public's help that's after a man was stabbed on main street witnesses say the victim was chased by younger man who punched and stabbed him in the back and armed victim refusing to cooperate with police sticking to the hospital expected to recover there are drinking water concerns and a popular island town on the north carolina coast people in atlantic beach north carolina her being told to boil their water before using it after a sample test showed e coli bacteria in the water nearly three dozen restaurants have had to close because of the water safety concern hotels and motels are giving guest bottled water tell leaders do not think the e coli that turned up at a drinking water sample was the result of hurricane erma jim krasula cbs news raleigh north carolina in providence eleven school employees what are believed that following allegations asians of inappropriate behaviour or failure to follow protocols school department spokeswoman says the action was taken out of an abundance of caution although eight of the employees placed on leave have been cleared by the state department of children youth and families they will remain on leave until the school department reviews the cases the spokeswoman said most of the leaves involves separate incidents but were not related you never know what you're going to get with me but i promise you one thing we afford to have fun higher music movies sports tv in general from h market i love your show it such a pleasure to talk the morgan show a more than white junior ten to midnight right here on wbz newsradio 1030 wbz news time 353 extravagant weather together.

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