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American foundation for suicide prevention and the Jed foundation the commission society of Minnesota weather center partly cloudy across the mature this evening with lows tonight in the late teens then tomorrow morning the clouds for the afternoon and highs in the upper twenties a light snow is possible tomorrow night into Friday I'm meteorologist Ashley o'connor on Twin Cities news talk able and thirty year currently it's twenty Thursday morning on justice Andrew will get you the latest numbers out of Iowa as the caucus results continue to trickle in I will tell you why the Minnesota state fair fired all of its police officers plus Katie Pavlich from fox news at eight thirty five justice injure live in local six to nine Twin Cities news talk you are entering the freedom the state of the union is stronger than it has ever been according to trump last night in one of the best speeches of his presidency will break all of it down for you and also and expected acquittal in the Senate from the sham impeachment plus huge job numbers for trump and no results yet from Iomega lines Tigers and bears oh my coming up on the Buck Sexton show he is the second show your mission is to really matters intelligence make no mistake box six and show began he's a great now I am thrilled to report to you tonight that our economy is the best it has ever been.

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