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Afternoon. November thirteenth I'm Tina Chow. WBZ news. Here's what's happening. More than eight thousand firefighters and other first responders are working around the clock. Twenty four seven to try and battle the raging wildfires on opposite ends of California. The most destructive fire in California history is also the deadliest the so called campfire north of Sacramento is blamed for at least forty two dads, and that number is expected to rise and the Wolsey fire near Los Angeles has killed at least two people. These fires broke out last Thursday more than two hundred people are still unaccounted for authorities have now set up a rapid DNA analysis system. They've also brought in cadaver dogs mobile morgues and more search teams and their massive effort to find and identify victims. ABC's will car is in a northern town of paradise. There are still very spotty cell phone service in this area. The true hope is the majority of those people are alive in. Okay. They just scattered when this fire started, and they may be in another town and maybe in a shelter. They made. Be with loved ones. But when you go through, and you see just how widespread all of this damage and devastation is I mean, you're talking about more than four square miles. And when you drive that entire area pretty much everything is gone. You can understand why the death toll has continued to jump everyday utility companies. Meanwhile in both parts of the state in California reporter problems right around the time. The fires began last week. These companies are now cooperating with investigators who are trying to learn how the fire started in the first place. Meantime, paradise city council member Melissa Schuster says the community remains evacuated but vows a will come back better than ever built our home. We will rebuild our town stronger, better safer and more beautiful than ever. We will do that. Meantime, at least two people are dead in the Wolsey fire in southern California dot fire burned through part of a former research side that once house a nuclear. Reactor that has been undergoing a massive years long waste cleanup. But fortunately, measurements taken over the weekend found no elevated levels of radiation just ahead for you here. There could be a major staff shakeup going down in the White House will bring you the very latest just ahead on WBZ radio. Stay with us..

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