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Knaw. Here. The new Cardi de Bruno Mars song at some point today that came. Yeah. It is nothing nothing until Lee Radziwill passed away. We'll talk about her legacy. So here we are here. We are back. Come back. How many books did you read? How many did you put down this time sister nine and a half barks? I'm not even gonna count the half book. I'm reading because it's so bad. It's trico. It's called Shanghai sister came out a couple of years is not a compliment. Just. Let's start with the one. Okay. The best favorite my favorite. And I read an assortment of suspense romance. Epic couple of epic novels and. It's. Yeah. I love that book. On the top of the New York Times bestseller list for over a year. From a friend three months, but I wanted to read it, and you know, basically a day. Did you love it? I love that book is really good. There's a reason why it's been kind of like. Maybe four years ago. All the light, you cannot see or beautiful room. Right. It's like that. Yeah. It is. It's so good. It was so good the characters in it are wonderful. And that is such a good book. I'm glad you. I know I I was waiting for you to finish out. Yeah. So that was number one very favorite book as you in all my friends that had read it loved it. Then, you know, the book that and I brought it back for you. Julia called next year in Havana. Oh, and it's by Chanel clean, one of the most beautiful covers, okay? And I bought this any that is sort of like the Sonya. I had already read it, you know, it's not it's not historical fiction. But this is the story of many people who fled Castro's Cuba. When Batiste went down. And so it's a story of this wealthy family and how the revolution intersects with their life in the fleet Miami. Okay. And this Chanel cleaton Donny. I think she's got the follow up to this coming out. And this was a recess book club. And I will just say, I'm guess Oprah research really tight because reece's book clubs sticker looks very much like Oprah's sticker, which looked like ours. That was marked up that we never got out the door. But I'm just saying that was a Reese loved the cover isn't that a beautiful place in the you know, like fifties. Oh, and now it goes back and forth between a granddaughter that was just an epic sprawling romantic wonderful that looks fun. Yes. That back for you. Thank you. Then I read, oh, you know? We'd never read that we love Kristin Hannah. Great alone and firefly lane night the Nightingale for that. Yeah. So I picked up I was at Barnes and noble before I went to a Wii, and I just was. Browsing the trade paperback and fiction and winter garden was this book that Kristen wrote in two thousand and ten and it's just it's about these two sisters who their mom has always been called to them. They know that she grew up in Russia and met their dad at the end of World War Two, but they don't know the rest of her story, and she's very cold and distance and Meredith is the one who stays home and takes over the family business, and then Nina's the one who's like a traveling war photographer. Oh, and that was also a very good epic romantic family saga. Gosh. She's a good writer. I just don't think you can go wrong. I think Hildebrand you read any other books that I also read this book Donohue may have read read at Manhattan beach, Jennifer Egan. Yeah. Jennifer egan. I've heard of it it's so this one is it takes place like in the depression era in New York and going into World War, no really starts in the depression era. But it's really going into this young woman. Her mom something. I don't wanna see everything coincides with the starting of World War Two in all the women who are working in the Brooklyn navy yard. And she wants to be a navy diver. And the she's like they found that the women making all these small parts for guns and. That other other board that other books tiny. Anyway. So it was this one all kinds of awards. It was it came out. She wrote a visit from the goon squad. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That was that was really quite a good book. Okay. And story kind of an epic again a woman that my scary book was winner people. Jeez. Louise, I think it's going to be a movie very Stephen King. Oh, yeah. It's called the winner people and it's west hall, Vermont. And it's always been this town of strange disappearances. It already wasn't movie. Oh, was it with Kurt Russell and Kelly McGillis? Oh, nineteen nine all. Okay. Yeah. Because this book came out like in. Oh, I recognize that. Anyway, was scary Stephen King and anyways, somebody discovers the secret to waking the dead. Oh, lovely. But of course, just like pet cemetery. They never come back the same. Okay. So winner people that was the scary book. Another suspense thriller. Was this book by Linwood Barclay called no time for goodbye. He's the guy who wrote wrote the noise downstairs. Oh, that's suspense bo-. Yeah. Yeah. We just had him mind. Yeah. So no time for goodbye was like his first. Oh work, and you give it a thumbs up. Oh, yeah. Very much. So is this if you like suspense thrillers? That's a good book. And then another one I read was you will know me by Meg Abbott, and she's written all kinds of. She does psychological thrillers with. Okay. Okay. So I have. Yes. You will know me. I don't know if we've had earner show. But I know that have you.

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