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However, the Arizona Department of Health Services attributes 52 of those deaths to death certificate matching our previous highest single day increase in deaths was 88. Our current death toll stands at 1927. Another 3653 new cases were reported this morning. The percentage of positive cases Increased by 2/10 of a percent to 13.6. This all comes after just under 11,000 people were tested for the virus yesterday. Teamwork interrupt our news. The pilot of the helicopter that crashed today will fighting the police fire up north has died, 37 year old Brian Bowman was the only one on board. The FAA says the chopper was conducting firefighting operations about 10 miles west of pace in check Now on our traffic and weather in the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic center, It's Josh. Yeah. Julie Overnight construction, Given drivers headaches tonight as North Bend on the one on the off ramps to both Elliot and railroad have been shut down, along with both the Chandler and Elliot on ramps. Improvement work has also closed the South bound 101 off ramp toe. Friar O the North bound on the 17 more roadwork, kicking out the Happy Valley off ramp. This report is sponsored by compassion, International joint compassion and give hope. To the family and extreme poverty during Kobe. $1940 1 time gift. Just text the word. Hope. 283393 That's Hope. 283393 I'm Josh. Our news weather brought to you by Howard Air, Whether a place to repair call Howard Air. It's 103 degrees right now in Tempe. I'm Julie, the vin on Ares on his new station, Casey. Our news. There's a lot of things around and no game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow could go without talking about insurance..

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