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66 in Pasadena and 64 in part fell. 6 35 Times The Lou Dobbs Financial Report. I'm low dimes The Federal Reserve says her economy grew is Amazon and Wal Mart said huge annual sales date. Kentucky suing CBS drugstores over the opiate crisis. Those stories next, let's see if something costs less. But people are happier with it. That sounds like something to look into. And that's Medicare. Maybe you've heard switching to Medicare to pay for health care can say the typical family 500 bucks a month. And that's huge. But it's also true that people are way more satisfied after making the switch to the customer satisfaction rate permitted share is double that of the typical health insurance plan. Double Medicare works has been around for more than a quarter century and members of shared more than $3 billion of each other's bills. People love having telehealth and a huge nationwide Peopie O network. So Yeah, you could say the ton and like it better imagine being happy without your taking care of your health care, So if you're self employed or part of the gig economy And the feds, so called Beige Book report is based on surveys from its 12 regional banks. Policymakers will meet in Washington later this month. Amazon says It'll hold its annual Prime day sale this year on June 21st and 22nd. The annual worldwide online sale generated more than $3.5 billion last year, which was 60% higher than the previous year. In response, WalMart announcing it's also planning a huge in store and online sales event..

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