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Court today not guilty pleas for former Ohio State University football players Amir repent Johnson wins they remain free on bond after being indicted in Franklin County on counts of rape and kidnapping for an incident last month where a woman says she was forced to have sex with both men they were dismissed from the team not long after their arrest the alleged victim says she was also forced to record a video saying that the sex was consensual I'm Jacque Crumley employers added two hundred and seventy three thousand jobs in the U. S. in February indicating the economy was in good shape before the corona virus hit the nation that number from the labor department today also says that the unemployment rate fell to three point five percent actor mark Wahlberg and his business partners are looking to add a second car dealership to the city's website J. Feldman mark Wahlberg groups say they are looking at a joint venture with Christopher Haiti see whose family has run GM dealerships near west Broad Street in Georgia's ville road since nineteen fifty four Walberg as part earners purchased the former Bobby layman Chevrolet dealership in two thousand eighteen radio six ten WTVN sport after last night's senior night win over Illinois the basketball Buckeyes getting ready for the regular season finale at Michigan state Sunday channel ten eleven at four thirty the always you women in the quarterfinals of the big ten tournament tonight they face Iowa in the final game of the evening good luck to all the boys and girls high school teams in action this weekend girls regional and boys district final games on tap and a blue jackets at admits to borrowing Vancouver Sunday as they wrap up their three game road trip from the central Iowa dealer sports desk medical use radio six ten WTVN I'm Alison Wyant stay connected to Columbus on the hour.

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