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That's either Skype or on the phone, whatever. So joining me today in this discussion about weight loss habits is JoAnne right out. She's also a longtime registered and licensed dietician who works with our clients in ways that a- and maple grove. Good morning. Caroline and good morning to everyone out there. It's great to be here today before the snow star. That's another round of snow, right? Exactly. So caroline. You shared some shocking numbers about obesity. And now I'm going to share some alarming rates about diabetes as well. Because we live in and broadcast from Minnesota. I researched rates in Minnesota. And was very surprised to learn that type two diabetes rates in Minnesota have more than doubled since the year two thousand. Wow. Wow. That's amazing. Right. Yeah. The rate of type two diabetes was four percent of the adult population in in two thousand and sadly today, it is about eight point four percent of all adults in Minnesota. So it's even more interesting is that in nineteen sixty when back in the day when Elvis Presley was the American idol and both the very young and more mature audit audiences were enamored with him the type two diabetes rate was a mere one percent of the population. Wow. And now we're at what eight point four. Did you say, wow, really alarming thirty. Million Americans are now diabetic another eight point three million which is about. Yeah. I mean, it's a huge number also. Yeah. That are pre diabetic as.

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