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It set up was a game. Changing and that dr last thing i want to cover was minkah fitzpatrick. Moving around that something. I have been touting for awhile last season after after the season ended on my show. Is michael beck. We were doing the curtain call. We were talking about drafting players. I talked a lot about you know if we drafted someone that could play deep zone. We could move minkah fitzpatrick around more. And that's a big deal because minka. This patrick is the defensive back with the most gravity on the field in the secondary since troy paulo gravity. What i mean is that as is. There's almost like you don't go on screen play with making his patrick android circle around him and just like like a little ghostbuster circle. Put that red line right through the middle of it. And just don't throw here right. That's fitzpatrick having player with that kind of gravity and they're just locked into deep zone. Means you just don't throw to the to the zone there in your somewhere else if you're moving him around because you've got a guy and traynor would that can fill that deep zone role in edmonds. Played a good game i. I haven't really singled him out. He didn't stand out a lot but they didn't target him. That one play where he he ran in front of the receiver to cut him off in case they were getting into the end zone on. That overthrowing ball other than that like edmunds had a good game. Played a lot of deep zone. While they're moving minkah fitzpatrick around. It was trained norwood and terrell edmonds and they didn't get beat deep. The sealer still didn't get beat deep week. One they're up to the challenge and that's awesome because that allows minkah fitzpatrick to move around more. And the more creative we can be with minkah fitzpatrick the more we fight. Hey minkah fitzpatrick is great doing this. Or he's doing that or the ability like in this game for for much of the game for minka fitzpatrick to just go over and be in zone. Wherever steph on digs like stefan digs is up on the on the right side on the inside sly and guess us in zone behind him megabits. Patrick yeah. There is a man on stefan digs pattern match on step on digs but supporting that is making fitzpatrick and stuff on digs. He got his like fifty yards. You know the old ab ab got shot down. He got fifty yards. Steadies is fifty yards as it. So i'm very pleased with. This is something to look forward to. I wanna point out that the steelers secondary is a work in progress. You're never as good as your best week. You're never as bad as your worst. Remember that you know trae norwood's going gonna struggle. There's games cameras sutton is gonna have a bad game. James pierre is going to beat things are going to happen even fitzpatrick it's the right. Don't don't expect us to be. You know the second coming of the two thousand eight steelers secondary. It's they're not there yet but they play a heck of a game to start their journey towards who they're going to be this season and that's fantastic. That is fantastic. And i am very excited to see what comes next. We got the raiders. Next week you know bring it on. That's that's it for our show this week. That's it and as always we're brought to you behind the curtain. Check out the website. Check out the podcast especially go check out the fantasy football focus if you're in defending fantasy football and i'll catch you on the next time. I'm a good night man..

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