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With it. He'll dribble thinks back out, and he definitely calmed the basketball there. He wanted to flip the past Jordan FOX, FOX went through the back door. Cain edwards? Just absolutely palm the basketball, and they'll give it back to Niagara. Towns with it. Now the right hand bounce leaflet for Dominic Robb top of the key Edwards out to get him. Well, see if they get down on the low block, if Edwards has got a guard him, that's where it goes towns. Looking for him. He'll throw the hierarchy pass Edwards out to get him. He's on the baseline down fourteen footer swish. Dominic Robb showing some real range to his game. He's got eight Niagara forty seven army forty six is a whole second half going to be like this funk with the basketball bounce pass in the paint Edwards. Layup too strong. No good. He missed it. Rebound James towns. Here's James right winger. Prochet Mars going to hoist three. Yes. Good. Now, a whistle in the paint. As Khalil Tate was sent to the deck. They're gonna count the bucket. So prochet credited for the field goal and the foul underneath went on Jordan, FOX. I believe. And that is the call Jordan, FOX whistled for the foul. His first. So they count the basket. Fifty to forty six. This is Niagara largest lead of the day at four. And at this point Khalil Tate was ready to inbound the basketball but army is called timeout. It'll be a fulltime out. We'll take it as well. Twelve fifty five left Niagara leading up by.

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