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And talent this weekend over the years folks have talked about those attributes for Tiger Woods would showed his resiliency in this tournament and that's got Michael. The caddy Collins. Of the Mattie in the caddy podcast gushing with excitement about tiger and intimidation for the future when tiger wasn't around Gulf was good but now the Tigers around, and getting it. Contented golf is great and it's a lot of fun. And the energies back and at one point when tiger was in the mix with Rory mcilroy George speed if you lit a match in. The media center it probably would have just blown up that much electricity in the air this also is important for tiger moving forward because it means now that, he's fiftieth in the world he's going to get, to play the very last WGC Bridgestone invitational at Firestone And that means something because he's one there so many, times before and think about karma does this set up. Tigers last first time getting in and, how many years playing a WDC and the last event being played, their Alexa special they are a little bit no question great story line to keep an eye on Francesco Molinari kind of found, out the, Tiger Woods affect the guys have been dealing with, forever which is you can do anything you wanted people still talk about. Tiger but he ended up winning his first major today at the age of thirty five breaking through, the great Italian what are his colleagues his fellow players saying about him now Well you everyone is talking about this guy who rededicated himself to golf Jordan speed said this week he saw. Francesco in the weight room working out every single day what this guy is doing and has done..

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