Dinkal Dragway, Wikileaks, 50 M discussed on Mag Heroes - 15 Lucy Chesters (Editor of Ethos)


Businesses says they're really cool place today those who um and yet it so you you you work for ethos idea what's what's can you give a quick entr to an oncogene like you'll role while of course ethos is a magazine about ethical unsustainable businesses m it started on line in two thousand on 50 m and it was it was born out even though that magazine called the city trip in which was at created for the international festival business in 2014 and we were approached to create a magazine which is m specific to the station enterprise sector and but we didn't really want to kind of be too specific for sat in septa so we felt we could use a magazine with a brought fake s which it had much more and which was much more accessible have mca kind of positive on inspiring stories am i say and so it's it's basically a business businesses business which were studied for all of the right reasons and people who had maybe decided to form a business to just dinkal dragway and and on the tessa yes you siri judge of fits in putting the matter has made much as home i was you'll mike it was like a day during them in your life like wikileaks and blood fat i guess they try and get it very very it's m it's great actually we gala of an black allah of emails of people just enquiring about magazine and.

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