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Given what we know about what's happening with the Byford plan and the action plan and the idea that the MTA has fiscal crisis this year, and he's to raise fares to secure service at current levels. Is there the opportunity to put those services in before the tolls? Kick into the folks have those options, how will the sequencing do you think work? Jared. I appreciate the question because also tremendous benefits of of this plan this proposed plan, but I understand that even if this rest of congestion gets an acted in this budget, which is what we hope by. I it's going to be probably two years before any tolls actually go into effect, and that gives the MTA a substantial amount of time to start to add additional services, particularly in those underserved parts of the city like the south Brooklyn, southeastern queens, northeastern queens eastern parts of the Bronx, Staten Island. So yeah, the answer -solutely we have two years just start to make some additional provides additional bus services and other services to get people around lots of other creative ideas about last mile strategies. How do you get people either with local buses shovel services local subway stops that they that maybe aren't walking distance? So. I think there's a whole potential there to do something that that, you know, folks, news parts of the city of been complaining about for generations. Which is we are under served by transit. I think we have a unique opportunity here finally change that by having the kind of resources necessary to add kinds of bus services and other services provided that exa excess just wanted to kind of take the opportunity could just to remind folks it was here. The subway system is falling apart. The bus ridership is going down. Precipitously simple reason the traffic so bad the buses barely move. And so people can realize can walk faster than they can run total lack of enforcement of bus lanes. All that. Yeah. There's lots of elements that by the way to as we as you point out, there are multiple factors there. But nonetheless, overall, traffic congestion, certainly a serious part of it as well as kind of a lack of resources to invest in the system to add routes and.

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