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On the hour your home for original reporting I'm Steve Futterman in Los Angeles in Houston on Tuesday there will that had moments of both sadness and joy George Floyd was laid to rest after an emotional funeral service here's CBS's Danya Bacchus George Clooney's family members say they hope his death was not in vain well it is now everybody's going to remember him around the world he's going to change the world a funeral service for the forty six year old was held Tuesday in two weeks and a day after he died in police custody in Minneapolis some National Guard troops were brought to the nation's capital during last week's large protests following George Floyd's death have now tested positive for covert nineteen reporter Tara copies with McClatchy newspapers as the week went on the guard made an effort to kind of pull back and to soften their posture so you didn't see them wearing helmet she didn't see them standing at a distance with the shield they were actually engaging with the public and they were not wearing masks in Idaho there could be a major break in the case of two missing children who haven't been seen in public for nearly nine months their stepfather is now in custody after investigators made a grisly discovery CBS is Jonathan vaguely RD Chandy bell taken away in handcuffs investigators digging in his backyard the latest twist in a months long search for eight year old JJ and seventeen year old highly the investigators.

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