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The world is watching and we've got attention to actually build our straightened even more teachers union president Alex Caputo Pearl says the district needs to step up to pay for more staffing, smaller classes and increase. Teachers pay the school district issued a statement on both sides to resolve the issue as soon as possible so kids can get back to school and educators can return to the classroom more talks are happening this weekend. A forty foot tall tree has fallen across parts of Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. It happened around twelve thirty on sunset just west of Coldplay player Copley place. Beverly hills. Police say the tree is about seven feet wide and about forty feet tall. No one got hurt. The only property damaged was a city light pole with wires that went down with the tree at cars crashed into an apartment in Wilmington. Ellie fires. Margaret, Stuart says the car crashed into the kitchen area of the first floor apartment in the two story building. No one was hurt as sitting building and safety inspector will determine whether the buildings stability has been compromised in the crash. The lawyer representing the thirteen Turpin children says they're doing their best to live a normal life. It's been a year since the kids were freed from a home in Paris attorney Jack Osbourne says the kids are now able to make their own decisions decide what they're gonna eat. They decide where they're going to go. What's it gonna study? They want people to know that they are survivors. They want to be independent now, David and Louise Turpin or accused. Keeping their children shackled, tortured and underfed inside their home. Their trial is set to begin in September the Terrapins face a combined eighty eight felony charges, including torture and fall off false imprisonment. A rubber boat has capsized off the coast of Libya one hundred seventeen migrants on the boat have been killed the US military's carried out an air strike in Somalia at least fifty two people have been killed the airstrike happened near Jilib. A that washed ashore at Zuma beach has been put down veterinarian Stephanie Lewis's the whale was euthanized because she was in such bad shape.

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