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According to the preliminary report. The suspect was shot several times after he pointed a handgun at the police officers during the standoff at the Westway apartments along caliber road near Callahan. Investigation continues their county, seeing a slight uptick in covert 19 cases. MetroHealth reporting 196 new cases yesterday, bringing the seven day average upto 148 Mayor Ron Nirenberg is reminding residents the pandemic is not over. Remember this virus is still present in our community, so mask up keep 6 Ft of distance from others. Wash your hands frequently, and if you're sick, please stay home and away from others, Herbert says. With covert hospitalizations. They also have slightly risen in recent days. The Corona virus means this might be the most important year ever. You get your flu shot, according to Dr Gian Carlo, who is sitting on the governor's Corona virus task force, he says, because influenza topped off with covert 19 could make matters worse signs and symptoms of Corona virus or the flu because they're so similar. It's gonna be really hard to figure out. You've got a flu infection or Corona virus, he says. Getting vaccinated now should help cover you through the entire flu season Self myself West, announcing they'll be back in 2021 as a virtual event, and they're still working to have some sort of in person component with it. Here's a look like him at our Austin bureau and released by Southwest said When the festival takes place from March 16 through the 20th. It will be quote a digital experience featuring conference keynotes and session screening showcases and Muchmore unquote. Nizer said they were not accepting applications for music card is for next year, their programming staff will curate with priority given to artists who were to showcase this year, However, the film festival will still accept applications organizer's were working with the city of Austin to develop in in person event south by Southwest was the first of nearly 100 festival's canceled in Austin this year due to the pandemic. In Austin, Eric like, um NewsRadio 1200 Wook. I get the latest news anytime, anywhere. Just tell your voice activated. Smart device to play news radio 1200 W oi on my heart radio. I'm Brian Gan NewsRadio. 1200 Wook I This is the month to get a Kia if you just had to slide with their president vehicle you owe too much more payments are too high Traded in a world we get a new 2021 soul LX. We're just 49.

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