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From now through February. It's great Great Bangles at home Monday night against the Steelers tomorrow night, And since he's getting 12, that's how huge number The Steelers have lost a couple in a row. I think the only question here is can the Steelers cover right? I mean, that's the big question here, right? Yeah, I think so. The problem here think for the NFL. They thought, okay, we're gonna put a Monday night game. We got Joe. Or we can showcase him on national TV, but didn't work out that way. But the Steelers have not played well, They've got them injuries that linebacker but When they played on weekends. They beat the Bangles 36, so they're gonna pace Brendan Allen. War. Ryan Finley. Neither one of them excites me here. Last time the Bangles beat the Steelers and Cincinnati was 2013 singles are 4 24 and one under Zach Taylor. I mean, this is it, starting to remind me of the David Shula regime here so offense, not getting it done during their current five game losing streak, averaging only 10 points per game. I'm gonna be generous. I'm not given 30. 13 points here, but I think this works for 31 31 13 steals They want to cover 31 13 Steelers win and cover and snapped a two game losing streak. All right, Lee You have a Merry Christmas we'll visit next week. How about that? That was good can take care. Have a great weekend again. He likes Baltimore to win but not cover. New England. Miami, he says, Pound the under over under on this game 41 a half Kansas City of New Orleans. He likes Kansas City Tow, Win and cover New Orleans. Getting three Cleveland at the Giants. He likes Cleveland to one in cover. And the Steelers here tomorrow night Monday night football against the Bangles. He likes the Steelers to win and cover. So there you go. 10 47 Sunday morning Sports talk news radio 700 wlw. Hey, everybody, This is Miley Cyrus. Mental Health struggles can be hard to put into words, but we have to talk about them. You.

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