Mutual Funds, Stock Market, One Thirty Percent discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


Else the dow jones and i mean that the sp 500 closed up almost one thirty percent last year what you made on your 401 k by the way if you've invested like we torture to invest good growth stock mutual funds growth growth in income aggressive growth in international that's what you made on your money you just made that on your money did anybody tell you now if you open up your statement when you get it you know you'll probably get it in march and it'll reflect back on the closing numbers for seventeen you're going to see what happened in seventeen but now that you're curious 'cause i brought it up you can jump online and probably have a little app on your phone with the uh the comes free with your phone with the stock market stuff on it needs push at lap and it'll pop up and show you what's going on then clip push on the lesson p and it'll gave you the whole details it didn't take be about about thirty seconds to figure this out at the commercial break a detailed research for the show today not okay seriously nobody is reporting on this that we give you pause about what your allowing these people to come into your living room site you every night your allowing them to form some of your ideas and opinions with what you read and what you watch and they're so irresponsible and so scared of political capital going one way or the other to allow for the right that they that they are soap freaking biased and their biased against good news that none of them have reported that some of you made the most money you've ever made in your entire working lives last year on your 401.

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