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You're listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Semper vp on the sports byline broadcasting that were. You own a twitch here I say never guess who's I call in today. Everyone is talking about Hymie and no one knows how to spell. It's J I m E. I could be wrong but I'm ninety nine percents. Sure. Because in fact. I have a cousin named High May. who was born one week before I was. And My mother was going to name me Jamie. But high may got born a week earlier. And she was forced to choose Brian instead. So, Jamie could be talking to you all right now if it were. Spelled J.. A. Y. Emmy now are you kidding me? Spell it like Jamie supposed to be spelled. Spelled. Ever, the word is all right. Well, you know who's on the line everyone. It's Ryan. You're on the air what's going on? have. You question about Wednesday night time might is that saying in Dr Dave Melton because there's? Are you kidding me right now everybody that everyone in the twitch chat said, don't ask some stupid Ryan and that's what you came up with your question. Multiple calls them every day so Get Out. Of here you Dork. Called it's called dynamite. was that well. It's called. Yes. Called because you're on TNT but I mean. They wanted Tuesday night dynamite Tuesday night dynamite t and t, on TNT. Somebody Goes Oh. Exceed Wednesday and told me decided to go ahead. No they wanted Tuesday night dynamite Tuesday night dynamite t. n. t on TNT. But the NT decided. On Wednesday. Very. Important became Wednesday night dynamite, which is not as cool as Tuesday night dynamite because it's W. N. T.. But what does this have to do with day MELTZER NOTHING To calls for that, you did it's your fault for opening it up. You knew you were going to start with you never know what I'm getting into with Ryan sometimes a good question. Look they're the people I just amazed that there are still people out there. That are actually stuck in their little bubble that actually believes that they did that purposely eight of purposely to get on Wednesdays compete with an IT's. Number one that's not only dead as wrong to it's like the NBA. That's that simple. The NBA did that and I don't know what if they do a second show, which is you know it's inevitable that there's going to be a second show on Turner networks. It's just a matter of which one if it happens to be on TNT, it'll be interesting to see what they'd actually goes on. There is go to the phones you're on the air. Do, better what's going on? Hey? Brian. This is Jordan from. So cal one shot out to the twitch. What a pop, the everybody's favorite subject they and that's of course, rating I understand that mark in the demo just about every week except maybe two or three times. But in terms of the total viewers 'cause I know Jericho's that something about this twitter do they can't be twitter views in total viewers now twitter views. He was on twitter saying that the dinner debonair segment like a million views on twitter account that now? Oh, well, I wanNA thank you very much for the call. So what he's I mean he's talking about something totally different when you get when you get the Wednesday night numbers, the Wednesday night numbers are. Percentage of everybody who has a channel that means I'm talking to channel. So if you've got YouTube, TV which I do. counted. The Neilson family can watch. However they watch they don't have to watch on cable, they can watch on on. Hulu or sling whatever yes sling. So that's merely the live television viewers and then later you get the plus three people, watch it on dvr three days within three days plus seven those watch within seven days and then Jericho's talking about how many people watch the segment they put up on twitter because immediately when the show was over, they uploaded just the dinner debonair segment to the twitter account twitter tells you exactly how many times has been viewed I'm sure like wwe does they clips up on Youtube and then well? Ten. million. People, Watch this we got we got more fans than ever. You know they don't but that's what they say. So that's what he's talking about. But the people view on twitter a segment that has nothing to do with the ratings that you see. We talk about him on. Thursdays on my twitter ironically. Right. Well, let's go to yonkers new. York. Who could this be? You're on the air what's up Tommy Dreamer. No. Not Tommy Dreamer. Unfortunately, Daryl. Yonkers. New York what's say unfortunately Daryl, we're very happy to hear you. You're not Ryan what's going on? Oh. God Listen we had a lot of. A lot cylinder in professional wrestling especially in the last month or so with the Debonair Lawn Otis and and you get the shot and in their wedding. The only thing silly about Walter versus you're dragging office the way they slapped each other about the head and chest and I. Loved it. But you know my friend. Are you are you a subscriber to wrestling observer dot com or merely a listener? I M E subscriber. Area Excellent. You'll be pleased to know that tonight on the Brian Vinnie show only first subscribers at wrestling observer dot com. We're going to be reviewing the first Saturday nights main event of Nineteen eighty-nine. which I believe the graphic involves the twin towers. Akeem and the big boss man. But also. Also, we will be reviewing Walter and dragon of. So both of those tonight on the Brian Vinnie show, you cannot have two more different programs we'll be watching. I. Look Forward to it. Thank you my friend I. Look Forward To you calling more because you did an excellent job. Thank you very much for the call. See do that everybody just call about something interesting and make your point and don't be a gimmick, and away we go could be easier. Giving the East Coast thank you sir. All Right Spurs near says I think the biggest problem with Daniel Bryan pudding young guys over is it w? He ends up doing nothing with those young guys Brian gives him a win and then they go nowhere since two thousand eighteen has been pushing for Geysers Mustaf Ali Kofi Kingston Buddy Murphy ruin drew Gulick, Biggie and now. He needs to do this like Jericho dozen aid w only put him over and big payoff matches because if you remember Jericho put Fandango Wrestlemainia we did nothing with him. Dude I watched that Daniel Bryan match with Jay so and Obviously they're trying to do so much. So He's just turned heel. Okay. He's giving you with Roman reigns. I'm sure when. Back they'll do some rigmarole and then Jim you'll be part of the Samoan, dynasty but. If you WANNA have beat Daniel Bryan great because he is a guy that they are now trying to push as a single star. He was in the Helena cellmate event he was in the prior pay per view clash of the champions or whatever made event. They're obviously trying to do with the guy. Great Day your brain can put him over but. The way they did that match last night. I have Friday night I could not even believe my eyes they're just doing this match. Daniel does this come back? Super. Kicks Him. Chase starts climbing up top. Texan or something because like there's more to come I'll son the bell. Rings. I went what? At I rewound it, I.

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