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Is a species from infection. By organizing viruses don't smell Professor. How do you? How does meningitis spread? Usually there are people who are Darius on courage of meningitis organism is usually within the NASA region where the restoration is so Daren will season. That stretches from Ben about much. Sometimes Don't Joon is usually in this environment on incidents or viral infection. Which is influence about Elin. So those who are carriers off the meningococcal organisms will now the organism will now be active. I'll get into the blood. From the blood gets to the brain and the spinal. Remember those air outbreak over meningitis in the nineties and I, as a Ugandan young student had to get immunized for it, along with many other people. How often his immunization taking please. In northern Nigeria. How frequent is it on what more can be done to make sure that it improves? Yeah. Ah, immunization. Guess minute that this piece Piccoli areas we don't only Eyes usually out which Ah ah, break while the outbreak starts. That is when they start in, but I think in 2018 The government introduced ah, many judges in a bizarre sparked off the immunization program in Nigeria. But I think that that's not really so stand. It doesn't reach other parts off the country. But it wass introduced. Why hasn't been sustained briefly if you can. Well, I think it is. It's likely because off the economic on cost invitation because the vaccine that was introduced was the so called country did Ah, vaccine. It is one space time off the organism. And as his cell. But in the last three years, what we have been seeing, incidentally, is not what I've seen. So the vaccine that will be effective will be impacting the cover for miss for off such stereotypes, and that is like a scene. Why don't you want to fight? This party is not available correctly, right? And obviously all. Hopefully it will be available soon to save lives. Thank you very much for speaking to us. That's Dr Solicitor of the Lady. Well, a rabbit professor, often urology done, four year university teaching hospital. Let's go back to our top story now President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, testing positive for the coronavirus. Let's cross now to Rus correspondent Peter Bows for the latest and Peter, We found this out. The president confirmed this himself in the tweet about 51 minutes ago. Also We did. It came as quite a bombshell. I have to say after several hours of reporting that hope picks, one of the president's closest advisors had tested positive for the Corona virus, And in fact it was President Trump in a tweet. This confirms her situation, a saying that it was terrible and confirming that he and the first lady had gone into quarantine. But then we heard as you've just reported that the president Said that he and the first lady had themselves being tested positive on. We're quarantine in the White House on DH hoping to get through this together, but quite a bombshell with So many issues surrounding this, of course, Corona viruses, the heart the heart of the presidential election campaign. The election itself is just a month away. A huge number of events planned for President Trump and indeed Joe Biden to take part in over the next few weeks, and it's very difficult to imagine how President Trump is going to be able to leave his private quarters at the White House. Never mind get out campaign. Oh, and this is a man who had been, you know, mocking Joe buy them for being in his bunker as he called it, their being in his basement rather than out on the streets campaigning. He's been out campaigning. They want the house stings, You know, campaigning next to each other one wonders about that risk. I'm also one wonders about what this now means for the rest of his campaign. If half the time that he should have been out on the road speaking to the public, he is now going to be in quarantine. We're in totally uncharted territory..

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