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You can always count on me to class up the joint, Eric. Mine is called. The death of dick long. It would be a lot less classy. If it were slightly changed world order. Yeah. Anybody the deck? The death of. The death of dick long is a film coming up by Daniel shiner. I have to say I was discouraged. When I first started looking at movies with confirmed release dates in two thousand nineteen because to Charles point earlier. There seemed to be even more sequels than ever Terminator fucking six Rambo five the vendors for I mean, come on. And I mean, I I will say among the blockbusters I'm most excited about captain marvel which is not a sequel, but part of the marvel cinematic universe, but I looked to the Sundance program to get Indian spray Shen. These aren't guaranteed to come out next year, but their spot in the festival lineup is a pretty good indicator. So one of the Sundance movies, I'm most excited about again is the death of dick long by Daniel shiner and shot by the prolific and beloved by this podcast. Ashley, Connor she. As we've said before as I are most repeated guests on the show shiner is half of the writing directing duo Daniels with Daniel Kwan who've also been guests on the podcast, and they went back. Directors at the twenty sixteen Sundance film festival for their feature films Swiss army man, otherwise known as the farting corpse movie. I never actually saw it. But I've seen a bunch of their shorts. And I just feel like they're two of the freshest and most creative voices with their hearts in the right place. So even though this is just a one of the Daniels. And frankly, the premise sounds a little dumb. It's about two guys trying to cover up the death of their bandmate. I'm still excited to see it because it's sure to be original and entertaining and just again fresh voices. Holies? Liz, Liz, Liz, Liz, okay. This is going to be really short because not much has really been revealed as the plot or anything. But a new Safti brothers movie is coming in two thousand nineteen produced by a twenty four internationally distributed by Netflix and starring none other than Adam Sandler. It's called uncut gems, and it's hard to think we'll get anything less than vintage P T A, Adam Sandler here as the Saffi's are incredibly gifted at blending comedy with drama only know about the film is that it is a quote, unquote, American crime drama, and that if the softies other films have in knows what and good time are any indication it takes place in New York City. It also stars Keith Stanfield, Judd Hirsch, Indiana, Menzel palm clementine, and Eric you'll appreciate this one NBA legend, Kevin Garnett. Oh, I knew it was going to think I was thinking about choosing this one too. So for mine, I chose the beach bum by harmony Kerlin, and there were a few that I kind of played with putting on this list. I thought of like Jordan peels us. Richard linklater's. Where'd you go Bernadette Kate Blanchett one? But I went with the beach bum because I'm a fan at least from far and sometimes with severe reservation of filmmaker. Harmony Kerlin if you haven't seen trash lumper's that's a movie that should be seen if not endured at least once since the days of his screenplay for Larry Clark's kids made headlines back in the nineteen nineties modern day audiences probably know him best as the filmmaker behind spring, breakers, and his latest Florida's set film the beach. Bum looks appropriately insane. Starring Matthew, mcconaughey. Hey in a role. He was either born or sentenced to play the red band trailer. That's come out looks appropriately drugged out and very soaked in neon which makes sense because the film is being distributed by neon. So I thought you know, I just don't know how they work these things it also packs in a solid number of quotable lines in just a few seconds. Speaking of the trailer, and courtesy of Mr Mugabe and even soup dog shows, Martha Stewart's French snoop Dogg is in French French soup. soup dog shows up in harmony Korean movie. Yeah..

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