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In the eastern time zone of the central time zone congrat you made it to july and guess what that means we're about three and a half weeks from nfl training camps opening about that and we're officially two months away from september first which means we will revert he played college football and the regular season by two months from right now so we're closing in man and you don't wanna wish the summer goodbye but football is right around the corner all right i mentioned the atlanta story in case you missed it this week and we're gonna continue calls at eight five five two one two four cbs and your tweets at morass cbs in case you missed it and i want ben horowitz and james perceptive in this one i explained scenario i hope they're aware i didn't discuss them beforehand suntrust park in atlanta the braves new stadium in its second year there was a body discovered a body mind you in a beer cooler in the stadium dead body they have i believe investigated this and declared it a homicide which means foul play because there was some speculation before the homicide was declared guy did a guy just get locked in a beer cooler freeze to death no no no no we got foul play here so the man did not work for suntrust park or the braves who was found dead and by the way all kidding aside thoughts and prayers as always with the guy's family i don't want to make light of a death by any means but he gets founds outside contractor working in the stadium so he's within the stadium so that means some kind of homicide went down in this braves ballpark so leads you to ask who the heck is killing people throwing them a beer coolers at a braves game now there are two problems i have with this which is i wanted to bring up that i don't think was discussed enough because people jumped to wow this is a sad story what could have happened bubba bubbubba and i get that i want to papu but again we gotta go alternate direction year 'cause that's what i like to do number one how how did the braves play the game that night when the bodies discovered we've got a dead body discovered the morning off in that stadium and we go twelve hours later on sell the cotton candy let's get out there i mean we've had rain outs and miss postponed games for way worse there was a body found dead in your stadium do we need to play that night fair point just put put the crime scene tape around the cooler and let let's play ball let's all right situation number two the story comes out that he's found in a beer cooler what does it come out is a is it a beer cooler with like your tallboy your cans is it in a cooler that keeping like kegs cool point being body in their dead on top of beer i don't know if this is in the mezzanine i don't know if this is upstairs i don't know if this isn't the loesch i don't know if it's underneath the stadium i don't know if it's in the food court i don't know if it's in the outfield i don't know where what beer cooler this body was in i am not drinking a beer the rest of the year from in some trust park because i don't know if i've had a dead corpse language czar pit over a twenty four out sir i can't do it i can't drink a beer if i'm at a braves game the rest of the year would you what if they said to you we know the situation we're going to correct it by selling for the rest of the year beer at regular retail value saw you get your tallboy twenty four this like you know at at joe's corner liquors down the street dollars are you sucking it up at that point so basically you're premises beers are and i don't know how much they are central ironic part is the falcons stadium sells beers for like five bucks like what you buy two regular bar because that's what arthur blank did but at the braves stadium i resume your average twenty four ounce can of insert beer here i'm not going give any brand names you know the you know the.

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