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The top stories we're following for you on WTO President Biden is scheduled to give a speech at a Democratic National Committee event at the Howard theater in D.C. Tuesday night, abortion will be in the spotlight. Multiple people are recovering after being shot in Harrisonburg, Virginia near James Madison university, a police spokesperson says 8 people separate non life threatening injuries early this morning at this point, no suspects are in custody. At least 11 Russian soldiers have been killed in a shooting incident at a firing range at in Russia's western Belgrade region, Russian officials call the incident a terrorist attack. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. And for all the issues that might exist with the economy unemployment is not one of them. In fact, some sectors like construction are having a hard time finding enough employees to do the work, Maryland is launching a new program to help them out. It's a new program that Marilyn governor Larry Hogan calls the jobs that build initiative. The $15 million program is aimed at workers and infrastructure offering them up to $10,000 for such things as sign on or retention bonus or to pay for training program or to help defray child care and housing costs. The money is directed through companies that are based in Maryland and have or are likely to secure contracts for government funded infrastructure projects with state and local governments. The industry has to work. It just needs the workers. Companies can apply through the state's Department of Labor. In Annapolis, John dome in WTO, he news. Let's go to read in the traffic

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