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Lexington, Virginia City Council members, including Dennis Ares approved emotion, which will rename Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery as Oak Grove Cemetery. Confederate General Stonewall Jackson owned slaves and fought to defend that right. He was buried in the cemetery. Not far from the Virginia military Institute more than 150 years ago. Jim Krystle CBS News A new working group has been formed to rename Lee Highway Route 29 in Arlington, The Lee Highway Alliance today announcing the 25 members of the working group that's charged with coming up with a new name Members include the Arlington and CP president, the owners of Lebanese Taverna Restaurant and a land attorney and legal counsel for Arlington Democrats who will chair the group. The working group will start holding virtual meeting starting September 16th running through January and they'll be open to public viewing. The group is also released a video that explains why Confederate General Robert E. Lee's name should be removed from Route 29 in Arlington. Several Children and adults were injured on I 2 70 in Montgomery County. It happened early this morning when a minivan crashed and through some of the occupants from the car. Montgomery County Fire says they were taken to a hospital as trauma patients. The South bound lanes of I 2 70 at Maryland route 109 near exit 22. We're closed for hours following that crash overnight, causing a 10 mile long back up. It's not clear what has caused the crash. Parents might not be driving as much during the pandemic, but some still need car seats for their Children and help is out there to get them installed correctly. Maken appointment We.

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