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Osment pass rounded by family at the age of seventy six no cause of death was given Michelle Paulino fox news a ridge of high pressure is going to be settling into the central part of the country and that's going to keep our weather quiet throughout the next few days mostly sunny with a high in the upper seventies this afternoon clearing cool tonight we get down to fifty one sunny seventy eight on Tuesday we make it to seventy nine by Wednesday afternoon I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday it's mostly sunny seventy one with a news update from ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K. and SS I'm Dan o'neill coming up the information overload our of the Sean Hannity show so popular for his success in Wichita we had to increase the signal to get him to everyone that wanted to listen Sean Hannity afternoons on ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K. and SS Wichita is number one talk this is Wichita's you number one top ninety seven and thirteen thirty KM SS and if you this was a little bummer this was all Byton these people are corrupt the whole thing was corrupt and we caught them did you see any direct evidence.

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