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Bay keeps it in the Bank bang back and forth kucherov or stamkos whichever one was a bad choice to get the puck. If you're the avalanche. Soderbergh out the puck in the near corner. And he tried to clear it out just a little bit unlucky it. Hit Nikita kucherov chest pain at center. One by the Avs, try and get the fuck out to Linux Scott can't collective combination of booze and trauma coming from wiping fans. In attendance, tonight, throw the puck back out in front of the point. Mckinnon. He's away. Behind. There's contact on the hands there band. Twentieth. Call they're not gonna get it. Nothing doing for the ads as far as that happens. They've had three power-play chances tonight. Nathan MacKinnon, I thought got stick a little bit more is this is a little bit wider Varlamov. Now Gerard will bring it out. Nathan MacKinnon trying to do it. Again. He holds it up at the red line. Finally crosses the right now leaves it for oncoming Patrick knocked away from him and back near the app. Set kucherov. His third goal of the season on the power play from Steven stamkos at six twenty four the third period. Ads. Trying to get one back. Here comes calling Wilson. We spent Andrew ghetto crosses the blue line. His shot never made it towards the data hit the back side of Alexander Kirkwood Wilson trying to one handed in her putting the far corner you'll hit on the brakes go around heaven EDNA pokes clearer now calling Wilson has it in the near corner. Reverses course farside pinching Tyson Berryhill wack, edit caloric bear, and he'll us right now or Victor Hedman behind his own net. Trying to pick out Android intercepted at the point by Andrew ghetto. It's real. Around and out. Barry pinches in the far side again hit his backside into over the top four. Now, Anthony Torelli tried to headman Joseph. He's on the porch now against Nimitz mammoth wins the battle gifted now for Andrew ghetto off the wall. Yanni gore. Why Andrew Greta? Most days onside Andrea to throws into of that never made it there Tyson. Joe's Nelson's was way through but can't get to the puck Tampa has been on the neutral zone walked away by. Brady blows tyre play the towards that poked away, but not free by Marco dano. Lord. We'll get it back behind the net. Radim point. Georgia's nearside with electric. Packed out for Yanni Dort bear by by some jobs to the point gets in by Mikhail. Steven stamkos muscle. The signed by Johnson. He'll get clearer now will pick it up tried to connect with Marco dano. It's behind him. Factories read inside his own intercepted. The point MacKenzie shot never made it towards the next. We might see a lot of number twenty nine. The remaining second half of this dirt period. Now here he comes again. He's onsite. He's won on four McKinnon were to the point. Call farsightedness berry. Renton can't get the puck and Tampa. We'll take over Johnson ushers at the center spinning at the red line is Mika ranch being on site is Gabe Landis Goggin firm. The Tampa Bay bench. They'll throw on the break Tyson berry trying to hit a streaking McKinnon and Gabriel lender Scott preventing a breakway for Tyler Johnson. Skating backwards with Tyson. Barrett goal has analogies on blue-eyed Janice Han from the crowd. It's been a good crowd here tonight. They haven't seen avalanche goal. That's counted. Yet. Does the apps.

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