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For you with the facts people over the age of sixty they're much more likely to develop complications from the corona virus and to be hospitalized from the corona virus with straightforward news coverage around the clock all news all the time right here on KCBS one of the sport's lined out three forty five talking baseball with your Salvator Jennifer giants pitcher Tyler Beatty recently had Tommy John surgery tells the chronicle's Henry Schulman that he wasn't aware of any criticism of his decision to have that surgery which many feel that was a necessary during the corona virus pandemic PT saying that he had heard anything but support and well wishes for fancy teammates and for that he's very appreciative Beatty also saying in the text that he chose to have the surgery in Houston near his Texas home Major League Baseball in the union has agreed to have all players on non guaranteed contracts received forty five days of termination pay if they don't make the forty man roster clubs will have a deadline of one day before the anticipated start of the season to make these moves in five days before the seasons on retention bonus decisions quarterback Jameis Winston who spent his first five seasons with the Buccaneers took to Instagram and Twitter today to bid farewell to Tampa Bay when students a free agent who hasn't signed with a team yet the Buccaneers moved on from their former number one pick when they signed Tom Brady yesterday Duke sophomore point guard Trey Jones is entering the NBA draft Jones was the ACC player of the year and defensive player of the year this past season he's the younger brother of Grizzlies guard Tyus Jones the draft for now is still on and it's scheduled for June twenty fifth and if you're actually looking for a legal leagues that are still playing course most of North America and Europe shut down three leagues though three football leagues in Australia are still playing that includes the Australian football league the leagues are being played in empty stadiums with a corona virus crisis seen more than one thousand Australians affected apps sports dance Joe savage for KCBS Safeway is immediately.

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