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All right what do we got here be undies everybody miandi beyond these stop and people guy the new due to the idb's miandi them at a football game why am i cry in i get dead people have fucking cancer people dying wars delaware wear fur can i just watched this fucking gained you nfl greedy can't stop acting like it care all right me undies makes undies your we'll be proud to wear and check this out i'm not the only one who loves me undies listen to what my longtime listener in miandi synthesis george has to say a note from george and a builder listener in biondi's fan what fucking big brother shit exists i've never met this guy any anyways this guy sit 'n and there's no last name out of we know this person exist george and end george nonexistent i decided schramm he undies because i love built burr's biondi's jingles i smile every time he sings at some i feel like the clean this up i smile well i bet you really said i like the way he thinks the fucking songs dodi fucking laugh mike balls off than they clean it all up i smiled every time he thinks it second it three atlanta although it's so easy to skip ads in a podcast i always listen the bills reads and i'm so glad biondi's has stuck with them i've been it's been probably two years since they first bought a pair biondi's and now i have a monthly subscription because they are that comfortable i swear to god this is their copy this isn't me during the like the atlantic felt atlanta falcons things like look at me opening up a widow.

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