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The wind started blowing and it was picking up and kind of being annoying and one of the friends she liked holds her hand up and did something and she was like wind. Stop and at one point. The wind actually die down and and her friends who are with was like we always forget how powerful of which you are and i well. We'll get into all of that when we get to believer and skeptic curious yeah because i mean admittedly i feel like we'll win can naturally die down on its own but of course i'm not gonna shit on my friends and she's she's actually. They're very smart in two sitting off thinking of his win. 'cause all right so you're first one. Yeah for my first story. I am getting actually focusing on actually a really famous witch. And i'll talk about a little bit. Why she's so famous at the end. There's no witch trials here. I wanted to wait. Yeah how did you know no. I'm not kidding. That's her national. It's not a sea witch but now to say that that is actually her name also. Yes so i'm talking about mother. Shipton mother shipton was born ursula song deal in fourteen eighty eight so sued yes. Oh really could be. Eda's my my own witchy. That's come into fruition. Here i know right. I want to look it up and see if disney ursula ursula was named okay. Yeah because it really could be i never. I didn't even think about that so anyway. This is back in the fourteen hundreds. Now it's believed that. She was born during a violent thunderstorm in a cave on the banks of the river needed in narrow the sources report that ursula mother agatha was a poor and desolate fifteen year old orphan left with no means to support herself. They say that having fallen under the influences of the devil agatha engaged in an affair resulting in the birth of ursula. Can i say something here..

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