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F L A 97.9 FM HD to Gulf Coast is bracing for another hit on Lisa Brady Fox News. Hurricane Sally expected to make landfall by early tomorrow, possibly around the Louisiana Mississippi line. Mississippi governor Tate Reeves. This storm has tick to the East overnight. It is still anticipated that we're going to bear the brunt of this storm. Forecasters say the biggest threat is flooding because Sally is a slow moving system. They could dump up to 2 Ft. Of rain in some areas, plus the storm surge. The outer bands already lashing the Florida Panhandle, wildfires and climate change, part of the focus today in the presidential race. President Trump visiting California for an in person Update on some of the deadly wildfire devastation in the Western U. S. Joe Biden just holding an event outside of Delaware home, he's pledging action on climate change of elected and accusing the president of ignoring science. A deadly police shooting. The spark protests in Pennsylvania remains under investigation, and it's fuelling more questions. About whether dispatchers have the right resources to handle specific incidents. Lancaster Mayor Janine Suraj. She called Sunday when the shooting happened The heartbreaking day for our city Ah Lancaster officers shot and killed a knife wielding man, Ricardo Munoz. The shooting prompted protests which tactical officers cleared using tear gas. Karachi says neighbors are concerned the deadly force was not necessary to handle what she called a mental health issue. He believes more questions should be posed. Who should respond under what circumstances and what protocols should be followed, the mayor says. How those calls are assigned by 911 is also a tissue The officer involved is off the street as the DEA investigates boxes. Gurnal Scott in California A manhunt continues after the ambush shooting of two L. A county sheriff's deputies in a patrol car over the weekend. Both deputies remained hospitalized. America is listening to Fox News. From the Maas Nissan Traffic Center thing Still looking great out there this afternoon, the Round Hills rope in Ellison, Pasco County. Currently no problems right now, if you need to take I for 2, 75 or 75 this afternoon traffic looking great.

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