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Oh my god. I'm going to piss cheerios. And it's incredibly an incredible in international football. Where you really do need is a game of movements. Ronel can create movement at the moment and the problem is for portugal. Rinaldi's aging backwards. I mean dude could very well play in the next year race. It'd be thirty nine years old when twenty twenty four rolls around the night you know. How doggie is you tons light by saturday. Renaldo is devoid it boy year by saturday show in his mind. He looks at himself in the mirror in his tiny wise. He's sarah subtle just speaks good. Speak from an elbow. He likes what he sees ultimately. I think yes true. Collective without much talent i mean what are they so today you see benin bruno come on and just like a shade of the player that he really at how felix is going to be just a joyous delirious talent but the reality is that collective i do not i can very well say with having the same conversation in four years time. Sure in the chat. Because i'm looking at the cia. Even when i'm doing the talking points to sweden and latin as a case where the ewing theory or as they calls it the as theory. Is that charlie trie next question. Please come to the stage stephen. Mauer welcome friend dave. Where are you from what you question. A raja david. I'm from cincinnati ohio. The home of Bell skyline chili messy. My favorite nickname ever for an athlete to come from here. So i appreciate that. Raj the greatest love to have you guys come here some time. Whenever you make make a chance to get here would love to have you around some more. Wash.

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