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Back to chip Franklin on KGO eight cents I can't your radio to Franklin the Commodore all right okay so why I read something in the New York times over the weekend about and it's it's interesting and it probably won't surprise you that Bernie Sanders has the most individual donors right that's his thing what is that not not necessarily translating into money Biden you know is really strong like in Delaware and Pennsylvania getting bigger dollars and then that across the board you know well worn has this grassroots thing it's kind of like pre twenty sixteen Sanders okay but the thing is is that there's two things going on and if you think about it it makes sense there's a primary and then there's a general election in the primary you have to go out for the that like the different strata of of left wing voters writer or democratic and a big part of that is black Democrats and I found this fascinating that a quarter I lives are Quinnipiac poll only two percent of African Americans are supporting worn at this point yeah I think most memorable sporting bite and bite yeah that's probably the Obama connection problem joining us right now is the Huffington post senior reporter Maxwell Strawn Maxwell this is Hey I was gonna be concerning because that they make a big part of it and and she's actually done this kind of grassroots effort to try to get people of color to see that she's on their side that she really backs them why do you think it's stuttering for her I don't know said stuttering perhaps as much as it it takes time I think history says the the you know the black electorate takes time to convince them that you're serious business all I think they're still meeting Elizabeth Warren so getting to know her I think they as you said they they know who died in is there is establish trust they see someone like come on Harris obviously has the interest network an American issues it's it's gonna take a lot of work I think for a warrant to convince the broader black electorate that you know she's business but she means that she says and if he doesn't get it then I mean there's really no hope of winning well I mean the the there's two things that make the black electorate though so powerful in the democratic primary one is that they make up twenty percent the electric full stop or it may be a bit more this time around the second is that in the store clean the black electorate boat generally with one candidate I think you know what every presidential primary going back to the eighties they backed almost every single time at least seventy percent of them affect one can't do that so they they tend to generally good a lot of their weight behind one camp that and I give them a lot of power compared to a lot of other demographic groups to kind of shift this is to get elected in the time that I will ever they go with becomes the nominee more often than not it's what percentage of African Americans vote as opposed to percentage of white Americans do now black women in particular are incredibly politically gates compared to the broader broader electorate the the boat off and they vote early and I hope they are generally incredibly engage voters in particular what issues do you think that Warren maybe should promote more when she's trying to appeal to black voters I mean it can be hard for a message to be heard when it's coming out of the mouth of a older white woman yeah it and also would be things like reparations our income redistribution or Elise brutality yeah there's a bunch of like I think we think that you know I've gone back to Carl's famous quip it's the economy you know how do you how do you get African Americans they made their unemployment a really low but still twice that of white people well what I can say is that would warrant has been focusing on is the racial wealth gap she talks a lot understand speech about the history of redlining how that's because the African Americans throughout the country to not be able to reach the middle class rewards of owning a home like a lot of white families that what I will say is talking to black voters is typically in South Carolina what I'm hearing a lot of younger voters is that her focus on student debt on the college that really resonating with young black voters and I think if there's anywhere that I've seen her sort of hit her stride than that with that that specific group of black voters see student that that's it Norma Cecile and sees made her name proposal to wipe out seventy five percent to that for people you know and I don't know the numbers on this but I know that back in the nineties I remember hearing Clinton's people talk about this you know when you have a couple generations of of neglect of a particular voter and African Americans in particular they just get disconnected and I wonder I'm sure Obama brought many African Americans back to the game Sam like wait a second okay things are starting to change here I wonder if transfer as this trample that or maybe reinvigorated them by the way cheap Nike kids you're ready or speaking to Huffington post senior reporter Maxwell Strawn you know I don't know but one thing I would say is that that older black voters in particular vote quite distinctly from younger black voters or Frankenstein older black letters they they're very careful they want to pick established people there when you talk about electability that a lot of what you're talking about a black voters they really want to be they well put if you decide to find the candidate baby with the most electable what I'm seeing a little bit more of is that you can see a fracture and younger voters younger black letters like a lot of younger white voters the more issues focus what being more aspirational and and that's where we again that's probably where warned we'll see if he had the chance it will be with those sort of voters people would say you know what I want to locate someone who will create the kind of country the a I want to see rather than older black voters who often thank you note I want to keep hold of a lot of the civil rights gains that we've had that my god the maybe my parents but really hard for it does fascinate me to see the if Biden's ascendancy and and and and and able to hold it and if in fact he did get the nomination I I'm trying to think what Canada that we see right now would bring the most to the table if in fact he's already secured a chunk of African American voters mostly because of his eight years with Obama I I look across the board I wonder who's who's got something out there to bring you know but the south is there there's really no is there a southern candidate that you know I mean I that that's interesting because I know that obviously if we talk about Wisconsin Michigan we talk about Pennsylvania abide would bring along Pennsylvania you think and and you know what clover charm from Minnesota maybe somebody like that well ordered state that I think if you talk to the people that work in around the fighting campaign that's why they feel confident no matter what happens with the base the matter what happens in may well campaigning they verified and has broad broad support in these key demographic groups will white working class older black voters these are these are key groups in the Democratic Party and he has a strong grapple that doesn't seem like it's gonna it's going to go away anytime one thing I will say however if you talk to a lot of you know so called democratic strategist type bait bait bait do you think that that's one reason that koala Harris has a good chance this is because she has a similar broad appeal and a lot of these key groups especially with African American voters especially with African American women who I liked better dedicated voters passed that and and will be there next year voting yeah I just kind of feel like there's just so much time between now and the primary specifically where Joe Biden could loses something an app in and he could you know why go for Joe Biden while he was with the Obama when there might be somebody that touches our checks off a few more boxes and what you want in a president and I I think after the shootings I think that there's a sense and the country of like we just have to get this guy out of office and I'm not I'm not saying that trump was the shooter but I mean there a lot of people to see his rhetoric I haven't contributed to this sort of sense of of of white supremacists national nationalism yeah the and I wonder I wonder where that is headed and I wonder if that's gonna after Democrats gonna see this as a real opportunity out I you know I was watching bill Maher on Friday night and it was they had a somebody jump up in the middle showing and start yelling some white supremacist off at him and you know it's it's it's a weird thing Brian Karem who is the the pool reporters just got suspended is a friend of mine he got suspended for standing up to this white supremacist who is part of the mac a coalition who propagated that pizza gatecrash I mean there's a weirdness out there in a lot of people are sensing now I don't care who it is as long as it's not trump and I think that if I looks like he has the best chance I think you're starting some real inside portion especially by the like you said those older black voters are going to say like look you guys are well I don't know what you're doing but if you want to win you better stop it by the way should indicate your radio or speaking to Huffington post senior reporter Maxwell strong sure I mean definitely real easy you talk to voters one thing primarily above all else electability electability electability but I would caution people the thinking is that we I I don't know I haven't gotten a good read on what that means either of those but Democrats should have a good sense of of all who is the most electable at the end of the day could be Joe Biden they easily could not he is so well and so that that that's one thing that I keep hearing but I don't think we have a good sense and I think generally historically Democrats do that beau but a bit better when they but with their heart as opposed to trying to gauge what they think other people are gonna buy estimates of let's just make sure he hasn't deleted any emails and for a move for mass will thank you so much your time for Jim actual strong again the Huffington post senior reporter.

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