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I felt and I continue to feel a great tenderness I suppose I think to myself I think how long she waited I think that he was her true love interesting while I was about thirty years younger than John she was about seventeen or eighteen years older and he had taken care of her when she got sick she had been married before but I think that he was person she loved above all else and when we were sitting at dinner I remember you know it was a beautiful day it really was beautiful and my son my very circus's Sardonic son who was sixteen at the time he turned to me and he said you know I I'm going to be buried dad so gorgeous here and all I could think was no henry you're not going to be buried with dad because you're going to find your amy and I think we only to Judith says she never saw John's last request as a betrayal I think that can give you different things and John gave me children and he gave me many things that I wouldn't have had otherwise but he you've heard something she wouldn't have had otherwise and I do believe that there's was a soulmate kind of love ours was different and neither was more legitimate than the other Judith says that she does plan to go back to the field where she buried John and amy she keeps a video of the place on our phone and she says that soon she'll be ready to start dating again my son is going we to school and he's desperately frightened that I'm going to be lonely he keeps asking me am I going to date am I going to get a dog he says I know in coming back here and they're gonNA be five golden retrievers in the house which is a possibility but I just haven't quite gotten there yet but I will and it will be a very different relationship the next time around is old and Crotchety as I am I have complete confidence that I will find another person to love If that's Judith Newman she's a writer and author of to Siri with love a mother her autistic son and the kindness of machines more after the break.

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