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Just say in the bad word and screaming at at black people and and it was. It was just strange. I couldn't figure out the whole thing and sad at the same time right and you talk about that. The book is a twenty five. You're like i regret not saying anything. Yeah you came back. Should i tell my boss should i. You know who. Should i tell and i island up the take an easy wrote telling. Nobody the lakers atwill. The celts aren't even supposed to be in there. The four seed. They you know the last team into make the playoffs and in the lakers are chasing these ghosts and they find. There's one other thing. I wanted to add a will. 'cause i kept thinking about this that you wrote about g retired after his third season in the nba. First season after his first season go he was going to call it quits because they were. They were punched him. You know And actually i played golf the other day with it with this kid that that that sat right behind right right right right courtside because the local team was in high school tournament. He was down there and the kids speak. Memories still talks about a gym loss. Qaddafi just punched wilt chamberlain stomach for the entire game just every time. The referee china's back. Jim lusk atop just punched him. And and that's why. We'll let the game before the game that i saw as a as a sixteen year old high school good will wilted hit tommy heights and in the head you know and and hurt. His hand did nothing to hide since headbutt her said it was a physical tough world that he e- inhabited and he didn't like it So that's why announced he was going to retire. But but but money talked. I guess that's right. So he makes it another Another decade plus But in nineteen sixty nine. This was billed as russell chamberlain. But when you go through the boxers we'll has four points in the second game of the series lakers get the first two. You're like all right you know. Look the lakers of the better team jerry. West is in his prime eligibility a little bit older. Still really terrific. Johnny egan who you know has a new england background and everything has some big games Can you help us understand. That didn't get to watch it. Live and live in the moment. Because i remember like out. I'll share the story that my father has chit bought me a wilt chamberlain. Vhs was this weird deal and it was him being interviewed at some city playground. He was in this slick track su. He looked great in. The interviewer asked without bill russell and wilt so dismissive of bill russell. He's like he had the better teams. He always had the better teams which is true. But you know goes compared like man to man. He's like there's no comparison. There's none there's none whatsoever but people always looked at will is kind of you know if we had a modern day version of will it would have been whoever whoever's the number one option maybe a you know obviously a future hall of fame you just never trust in the playoffs. And that's kinda who will was so. How did that russell will think. Play out because physically the talents. I think anybody would still say it was will. But russell's argument was always there is a mental part of it. He did not have that. i had. I could always exploited. Minute wasn't just about my teammates. That's how it's always been described to me. That's how i've always read it. But what was it like actually watching it. Yeah i mean. Russell i will. I mean the truest thing i say in the whole book is in the in the little afterward by what happened to guys after since we'll play there's been no clear and it's really been compared. They said they'll be. This is an another wilt chamberlain. It's been no player. That's come along shaquille a little bit but it was a far more polished all around kind of player and had far more control of his body. Kill so well. It was just overpowering russell. Just out thought manatt worked and i don't know you wilt. Sugar should've should've just overpowered them. Every time but will just disappear. I mean they win. The first two games and the the celtics you know kinda echo the second the third game and in the fourth game comes down to a shot at the end and and and all of a sudden it's best two out of three and the spotlight's on wilt again you know. How good is he going to be h. He was good in the in the next game. The fifth game but then kinda disappeared For the last two games did you sense it. Could you feel it being in the locker room. Show going in because i want to ask you about game seven. Obviously here. But this whole moment jerry. West lost five times in the final sear. The celtics the lakers can't get him. you know they. They can't get him all their championships. Right minneapolis so the lakers thing that yeses the franchise that moved a. I know what. It's like to have. Been a red sox fan. When i was a kid and just expecting doom when it was the yankees aaron boone in two thousand three hundred shit again. You know like. I'm sitting at home watching that my apartment on and i wasn't surprised by the in like i knew it was going to happen. Because that's all i ever learned and it feels like that's what this was like for. That lakers team could you. Could you sense that. Even though they were the better basketball team well jerry. West was just an interesting study. I mean he he just kinda worries is hard on his slave so to speak you know he. He was just out there and and he talked about his frustration. He'd lost five finals to these guys and And they'd broken his he was mr cluj. You know That that that was his that was his name on the radio and mr clutch and he was clutch except when he played the celtics in these final games and he was like sir galahad or or some kind of some kind of night out there defending the city but but it all fell apart in the end and and when when they won the first two games like overjoyed you could. You could just sense that but he was scared at the same time because thanks. That always.

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