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Because of the intolerable working conditions created by her manager Martin Duarte and his Superiors Sheila Duarte quote mocked her by calling her things such such as a skinny. No ask fool and flat ass bitch. He also told her that he didn't know how her girlfriend could stand to be with her because she had no ass ooh Guzman also claimed that he told her that quote he could turn her straight just like he did to the mother of his child. Oh my God. She alleged that not a day went by Duarte. Didn't make a comment about her body. Her sexual preference records or his sexual prowess and that she complained to higher up. She believes that no disciplinary action was taken so she resigned. Well I mean it just sucks like that lease because she's so famous. Unlike her name is Oliver businesses like you automatically read this article and use associate her as being like a sexual Predator when she's not and and that's not the case but if it does turn out that this woman complained to higher ups like nobody did anything like then. That's problematic and it's not like banner pump dogs. Is this national chain. Where there's all these franchises and you can't help what goes on the IT's one source? She's there all the time on the show the higher ups. That's John. John Deere John Three Sixteen and we know that they're probably in Lisa's house. So it's not she's he's not so far removed that's true we is it committing these crimes. But she's like this is a culture going on right under her nose right no she like. She prides herself on being so involved in her businesses businesses. Right as we see on the show like they forced down our throats right but we know that John Blizzard engines out so like are morally corrupt. So honestly this is the shocking thing I've heard all day. Yeah Yeah Wow Johns I feel like also Lisa and specifically trump dogs like cannot catch a break. They're always getting sued. Yeah Kenzo. He's getting soon he. He shoved a woman which is also not shocking scene. Importance finger in your face and calling her a stupid woman so this is really shocking. I've heard all day. Yeah we'll keep you posted final story. A little is news. It's business is already. It's business already. That actually makes sense because our sponsor of business is brought to you by fiber. ooh perfect sponsor for the business talk about finding freelance talent for Your Business or project. That's motherfucking hard. The right freelancer can be finding the right. Freelancer can be time consuming assuming frustrating and expensive. How how much does it cost? Where do you go to find the person? How can you be certain that they'll actually deliver? Thanks to five or finding the right..

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